The Good Morning Text: Why We Love Them, And How To Get Your Partner To Send Them

Gone are the days when love letters and postcards were the go-tos for romanticizing your long-distance love. In an age where cell phones have replaced the traditional telephone, good morning texts have become the modern staple of affection. The self-describing term is the result of someone so love-struck over another, their first instinct upon waking to a new day is to grab their phone and send their special someone a digital love letter. 

Good morning texts aren't only sent between lovers. They're the perfect way to send love to family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Most parents would love to receive their children's daily "good morning" text, especially the empty nesters. Friends can let their buddies know they're thinking of them with a simple morning text message. Entrepreneurs can keep their teams motivated and engaged by sending motivational morning messages. Good morning texts help strengthen relationships in many ways, which is why we love them so much. 

The unfortunate thing about good morning texts between lovers is that they tend to fade into the distance after a couple has been dating for some time. For someone who suddenly stops sending morning texts before things get serious, it could be a sign of something worse. But there are ways to get your partner more engaged with sending good morning texts.

Why we love good morning texts

Who doesn't love a good morning text? It serves as confirmation that your presence is missed and leads to feelings of appreciation. A good morning text can also set the course for having a good day. They serve as forms of communication when you and your partner aren't together. A good morning text is important in showing someone that you're thinking of them, which is why they can be vital to a budding relationship. Considering all the time spent scrolling through social media or playing around in apps, sending your special someone a good morning text takes little effort. 

Stuck on what type of morning message to send your spouse? There are tons of ideas to help form a queue of good morning texts for the next six months. Whether you're sending morning texts to a crush, partner, or friend, the options are limitless, depending on the type of message you want to share. Parade has lists of 200 good morning text ideas that rage in tone from flirty, sentimental, or even cheesy with messages like "Just checking to see if the most handsome guy has woken up yet?" or "Hope your coffee is as hot as you are." Sending your special someone a good morning text lets them know that you care and want to help them get started on having a good day. It can also set an example for your spouse to do the same.

How to get your partner to send good morning texts

If you miss the days when your partner sent you good morning texts, maybe try leading by example and start sending them to your significant other. The gesture could help reignite the spark you two shared in the early days of your relationship and make morning text messages part of your morning routine. You can keep it traditional by saying "good morning" with the sunshine emoji, or spice things up by telling your partner how much you were thinking about them last night. The early morning attention could put a smile on their face that lasts throughout the day. 

Good morning texts don't even have to be about the day ahead. You could take things back by sharing a memory you two have together that reminds you both how much better you are together than apart. Complimenting your loved one at the start of the day also shows them how much they're appreciated and leaves little room for someone else to do the same. Most actions lead to reactions and your good morning texts could be the perfect way to get your spouse to return the love in the form of a morning text. The secret to a happy relationship could be as simple as a "Hey you" text first thing in the morning.