The Best Ways To Answer The 'I Get Way Too Excited About' Bumble Prompt

Using dating apps can have its share of fun and anxiety-inducing moments. Making your profile stand out amongst other potential dates can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if you're freshly single or new to the world of online dating. Perhaps you're just getting out of that dating rust-out period. These feelings have been validated through research conducted by Western Sydney University and published in BMC Psychology. The study concluded people using dating apps showed signs of mental issues. For this reason alone, it is essential to maintain enjoyment when using these sites. Internet dating giant Bumble has the perfect prompt to keep things lighthearted while allowing others to get to know you.

The Bumble prompt "I get way too excited about . . ." allows users to speak about things they're extremely passionate about. This is separate from your typical hobbies, such as biking and reading. Instead, this prompt is an opportunity to let potential daters know what makes your heart smile. If you're stumped on how to answer this question, there are a few tips to make your response both fun and transparent.

Be specific, but do not write a book

When it comes to the excitement prompt, it's essential to be detailed but refrain from penning a novel. The Match Lab says a major mistake many people make when answering Bumble prompts is being too long-winded. Think of dating apps as speed dating events. You only have a few minutes in between dates to make a lasting impression. Apps that require you to swipe are the same concept, only digitally. Users swipe through dozens of profiles quickly, only stopping on those that stand out. Therefore, it's good to keep things short and sweet, even when it comes to what you enjoy most.

If traveling to New York is something you are super passionate about, something like: "I get way too excited about visiting New York City, specifically to eat at La Pulperia. The authentic Latin cuisine helps me feel closer to home." This response tells someone that New York holds a special place in your heart for its strong ties to your heritage. A response such as this one opens the floor for a conversation about where you are from and the types of Latin dishes you enjoy. These can also help you easily break the ice during that highly anticipated first date.

There is no wrong answer to this Bumble prompt

When answering this famed "I get way too excited about . . ." prompt, understand that whatever you type is acceptable unless, of course, your enjoyment is rooted in criminal activity. Otherwise, even if the thing you love the most is a pint of ice cream and a horror movie on a Friday, that is beyond suitable for this prompt. It is also still a great talking point. A fellow Bumble user may follow up with, "What's your favorite place to get ice cream?" or "Do you prefer paranormal or slasher flicks?" Witty responses also show your personality. Dating coach Lindsay O'Brien says the most meaningful thing is to make yourself stand out. Speaking with PureWow, O'Brien points out, "The assignment is to sell you."

Whether you're looking for love or a casual hook-up, you still want to appear fascinating enough to anyone seeking the same thing. Be honest without overthinking when answering the "I get way too excited about . . ." question. There could be someone out there just as excited about all the things you love to do.