Bio Sculpture Nails May Just Be The Gentle Alternative To A Gel Manicure

If you've ever opted for a gel manicure, then you know that the pros don't always sometimes outweigh the cons. Gel manicures can look perfect for weeks on end, and if you are in a rush, there is virtually no time to wait for them to dry. On the other hand, the prep and process involved with gel manicures can ruin your nails by making them weak and brittle. Gel nail polish also contains unsavory chemicals, including formaldehyde — a carcinogen (per Orly). In addition, your gel manicure can hurt when you're curing it under the UV lamp, and constant exposure can eventually cause your hands to age prematurely (per InStyle).

If these features are too unpleasant, bio sculpture gel nails are an alternative to gel manicures. Bio sculpture nails were created in 1988 by a South African woman named Elmien Scholtz. A nail artist by trade, Scholtz was unhappy with the quality of nail products on the market. As a result, she developed bio sculpture nails. Bio sculpture gel nail polish has a thick formula, and like regular gel nails, they require a UV lamp for curing. But this is not something you can DIY; only trained professionals can purchase bio sculpture gel products and do manicures. However, the biggest difference between the two is that bio sculpture manicures combine health and aesthetics into one.

Nail health is the focal point of bio sculpture nails

Unlike gel manicures, bio sculpture nails can fix and prevent brittle nails. Bio sculpture gel nail polish has a vegan formula with no toxic chemicals. In addition, it's full of vitamins to strengthen weak nails. Before the nail polish is painted on your fingers, a liquid product, known as an Ethos treatment, is applied for protection. Nail preparation is a crucial step to bio sculpture manicure manicures. It aims to enhance your nail health and ensure that your nails look good, with or without a fresh coat of polish.

The Ethos treatment is key to the bio sculpture nails

In an article for Woman & Home, Annie Milroy wrote about her experience receiving a bio sculpture manicure. She said that her nails were filed to perfection before the Ethos treatment was applied to her nails. Manicurist Julia Diogo further explained this to Woman & Home, saying, "Your Ethos treatment, which goes under every Bio Sculpture gel manicure, is tailored to your nail type to help improve your nail health. This ensures longevity and a chip-free glossy finish." Ethos treatments nourish the nails by providing hydration, exfoliation, and more. 

This is what to expect when you get a bio sculpture manicure

A bio sculpture manicure is like any other manicure, with some exceptions. Your nails will be filed and shaped before the Ethos treatment and application of the nail color. The base coat is then applied and cured with a UV lamp. Bio sculpture nails require a flat brush to paint the nails and a few coats of polish – @_themanicurist demonstrates this process in a video on TikTok. Lastly, a top coat is added to complete the bio sculpture nail manicure.

Removing bio sculpture nails is hassle-free

Bio sculpture nails can last for weeks, but if you get tired of your manicure, you can easily take them off with a few tools. On TikTok, user @amyburvillnails shows how to remove a bio sculpture nail manicure using a file, a cotton pad, and acetone. She files the nail, dips a piece of the cotton pad in acetone, and places it on the nail before wrapping it in foil. Like the initial manicure, removing bio sculpture gel polish aims to keep the nails strong and healthy. 

Should you get a bio sculpture nails manicure?

In her article for Woman & Home, Annie Milroy noted that her manicure held up for an entire month. But there are some downsides to bio sculpture nails. For starters,  a bio sculpture manicure costs more than a typical gel manicure. Another thing to consider is that not every nail salon will have a licensed bio sculpture nail technician; you have to find a salon in your area. Nevertheless, if you have brittle or flaky nails and want a long-lasting mani, bio sculpture nails might be well worth your time and money.