Why 'The Best Way To Ask Me Out Is' Would Be A Great Hinge Prompt To Answer

Dating apps have come a long way from offering just standard bios for their users, which is probably why you'll see the prompt feature on most apps these days. They're a series of engaging questions that, when answered, are built to show the unique sides of your personality. 

Hinge is no exception. The online dating app, which was launched in 2012, is touted as being different because it allows those interested in your profile to specifically engage with different parts of your bio — photos, details about yourself, etc. They can either like or comment on these, therefore providing an opportunity for further engagement. The app offers more than just the generic, "Hi, how are you doing?" kind of convos that invariably make their way into your DMs. 

Carefully choosing and answering three Hinge prompts from the 100 or more offered is another key part of how to make the Hinge algorithm work for you. If you're already on the app and wondering what prompts you should answer, "the best way to ask me out is" is a great choice for highlighting your confidence and straightforward attitude.

You can start meeting people right away

Being on dating apps can get exhausting. There are countless conversations, with some leading nowhere in particular. And the worst thing is when chats remain just that and never progress into a physical meeting with the person. 

If you're eager to get out and start meeting new people, answering the Hinge prompt, "the best way to ask me out is," could do that for you. You're cutting to the chase and being direct about what works for you. Plus, you're showing potential partners that you're self-assured and know what you like. And that can be attractive. For one TikToker, answering this prompt has helped to make sure she avoids something she hates on dating apps — small talk.

Also, if you're an introvert that is wondering who should make the first move when it comes to going out on a date, answering this question could make things easier for you. You're giving potential dates a heads up as to what you consider a great date and making things pretty straightforward for them in the process. Asking someone out can cause anxiety for some. What if the person doesn't like what I'm suggesting? Would we have anything in common? These are some of the questions that can arise in the mind of the person doing the asking. By telling people what you like best, you're eliminating a lot of that initial wondering. 

What's the best way to answer the Hinge prompt?

Thinking about what kind of dates you like to go on can be a really interesting way to dig deep and get to know what your interests are, just like answering the "Typical Sunday" hinge prompt. The important thing is to be authentic. After all, you will be spending quite some time with potential dates so it's best to choose something you genuinely enjoy doing. That way, even if the person doesn't live up to your expectations, you'll still have a nice time. 

Do you love checking out local bars or coffee spots? Or are you more into visiting museums and parks? Whatever you choose, make sure the answers are styled in a welcoming and non-arrogant way. Even though you're going to be listing down things you like, try not to be too restrictive. You want to give the other person some say in the decision too. If you want to add going to the movies as one of your answers, why not allow your date to choose the movie? If bar-hopping is your thing, why not ask them to suggest two bars they love going to? 

Keeping the tone light and friendly is always going to make a good first impression.