How K-Beauty's Double SPF Trend Will Give Your Skin Extra Protection

If you're into K-beauty, you probably already know the importance of wearing sunscreen everyday. You should also reapply your sunscreen often so you have the best chance of protection against UV rays. Additionally, you should never wear a sunscreen below SPF 30, though most Korean sunscreens are 50+ by default to offer a high protection level for your skin. The higher the SPF level of your sunscreen, the better. 

The same goes for the PA level of your sunscreen, too. The PA level, an abbreviation of Protection Grade of UVA, is a Japanese rating system that measures the level of protection a sunscreen has against the sun's UVA rays. This is in addition to UVB rays, which also stem from the sun and can be far more dangerous. The more + signals after the PA, the better.

However, in extremely hot climates, you may need even more protection, and that's where the K-beauty SPF trend comes in. We've got all the info about how it works as well as a handful of the best sunscreens to try out the trend with.

The K-beauty hack could be the trick you're looking for

Speaking to Vogue, aesthetic doctor Dr. Christine Hall stated that Koreans have been using doubling up on their SPF as a way to protect themselves against other forms of light that can harm our skin. One of the main culprits of skin damage is blue light, i.e. the light that emanates not only from the sun, but from our laptops, phone screens, and LED lighting too. Just like the sun, blue light can affect your skin and can even cause issues like a diminished skin barrier with continued exposure. 

Interestingly, SPFs formulated for protection against UV rays are different from those that are formulated against blue light. When searching for a blue light sunscreen, dermatologist Dr. Ellen Marmur told Allure that zinc oxide is the main ingredient to look out for. In general, zinc oxide will help to keep your skin hydrated and protect it against the UV rays found in blue light, alongside heaps of other benefits like soothing your skin and providing an anti-inflammatory effect. 

Stay protected against UV rays with these sunscreen picks

No Korean sunscreen list would be complete without the Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun: Rice + Probiotics Sunscreen. A viral TikTok sensation, this sunscreen is SPP 50+ and has a PA++++ rating. Among the ingredients, the amino acid-rich rice bran means it's a great option if you have dry skin. Another TikTok favorite, the Toboco Cotton Soft Sun Stick is vegan and cruelty-free. Designed to soothe the skin with its four-herb blend, it is SPF 50+ and PA++++. Plus, we love that the stick design makes it super easy to top up with during the day.

Once your first layer of sunscreen has settled, go in with a zinc oxide sunscreen for blue light protection. The Sun Bum Mineral Sunscreen has an SPF of 30 and will leave your skin with a matte finish, ideal if you're layering sunscreens. Acne prone? The EltaMD Clear Facial Sunscreen is SPF 46 and specifically formulated for sensitive and irritated skin, containing lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide. 

With any of the above sunscreens, you'll be well protected against all types of UV rays.