Why You'll Want To Select The 'Unusual Skills' Hinge Prompt

Hinge prompts are great conversation starters. They are also an easy way to make your profile look interesting if you're struggling to sum yourself up in a few words, which if you admit it, can be tough to do. 

Prompts are not exclusive to Hinge, with online dating platforms like Bumble and Tinder employing similar strategies. But what's unique about Hinge is that users can interact with different parts of your profile — like the Hinge prompts and photos — without needing to like all of it, and you can do the same. They can like and comment on any of the personal details you've shared about yourself. This allows for conversations to start outside of the regular, "Hi, what's up?" kind of pattern that is characteristic of most dating apps, and that can be refreshing. 

If you've been on Hinge for a while, you've probably seen the 100 or more Hinge prompts at your disposal. Of course, you can select only three of them, so choosing between the "green flags I look for" Hinge prompt and "unusual skills" one might require a bit of thought. But there is, in fact, a plus to selecting the latter. Here's why. 

Listing out your 'unusual skills' is a great way to bond with someone

Have you ever been in the company of someone who busted out some shuffle moves on the dance floor that blew your mind? What about the time when they picked up some lemons and started juggling them like a pro at a party you were at together? It's always a fun treat to see someone's unusual skills being exhibited that way. Your interest is piqued, you're drawn to them to learn more about how they learned their moves, and the entire thing might even lead to a genuine friendship between the two of you.

This is why selecting the "unusual skills" Hinge prompt might be a good idea. Besides, who doesn't like thinking about all of those unique traits you've picked up along the way that even you yourself may have forgotten about? Is it eyebrow dancing that you're secretly proud of? Or are you a talented pen twirler? Or perhaps you're good at reading the weather based on how the sky looks that morning. 

Whatever your speciality is, this is your chance to embrace your quirky and fun side, and also let others see it. There's nothing quite like bonding over unusual skills. 

Answering the skills prompt can also be a confidence booster

In a world that can sometimes look very linear when it comes to accomplishments — school, high school, college, and university — we can often forget those useful skills we picked up in other areas of our life. 

If you've always enjoyed babysitting, perhaps you've found a knack for putting babies to sleep in under half an hour. Or maybe your unusual skill has to do with learning how to chop vegetables finely in one minute and you learned this at a cooking class you took in Italy one vacation. Whatever it is, thinking of skills that otherwise get left by the wayside can make you feel good about yourself. 

Answering this Hinge prompt is not only a good chance to tell a unique story about yourself, but it's also one of the ways to make the Hinge algorithm work for you. As Kate Moore from Dude Hack shared, ensuring that you have a completed profile that is diversified and true to who you are is a method to increase your chances of finding matches.