5 Benefits Rosemary Oil Can Have On Your Hair

Using rosemary oil has become a very popular practice among people looking to improve the health of their hair. The oil has many benefits, and can actually help add length to your hair by increasing circulation to the scalp, which promotes growth and even prevents shedding. "It increases blood flow to hair follicles, which increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients promoting hair growth," dermatologist Dr. Ramya Garlapati tells Women's Health.

Using rosemary oil is easy as well as practical. For those with fine hair or an oily scalp, the oil can be used once or twice a week to reap the benefits and help combat a greasy mane. Others can use the oil three or four times a week. Meanwhile, if you're looking to use rosemary oil to regrow hair, using the oil more frequently could jumpstart growth. "When using rosemary oil for hair regrowth, I recommend nightly application every day for at least the first six months," Orit Markowitz, MD, tells Byrdie.

The oil can be mixed with shampoo and conditioner or combined with other oil like coconut oil, or used by massaging it into the scalp and letting it sit for at least 20 minutes before washing it out. By doing this, you'll likely see some of the amazing benefits that the hair growth oil can offer.

Rosemary oil can give you thicker hair

Many people are now using rosemary oil for hair growth. This could mean regrowing hair that they've lost due to illness, age, and other body changes. It may also be to add length to their mane or thicken their strands. Board-certified dermatologist and assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine Jeannette Graf, MD told Martha Stewart that the oil has been known to work wonderfully for many looking to add thickness to their locks. "Rosemary essential oil can help stimulate healthy, thick hair. The oil can speed up the process of cell turnover and growth, which can work as a natural remedy to grow thicker hair. It is used for [preventing hair loss], as well as regrowth," Jeannette Graf, MD, tells the outlet.

Some research even shows that rosemary oil can be just as impactful for hair growth as Minoxidil, which is known for being the main hair growth ingredient in Rogaine. "[It] is a potassium channel opener, causing hyperpolarization of cell membranes. Theoretically, by widening blood vessels and opening potassium channels, it allows more oxygen, blood, and nutrients to reach the follicles," dermatologist Hadley King tells Harper's Bazaar.

However, rosemary oil has been known to have other amazing benefits as well for those looking to create a healthier head of hair.

Rosemary oil is a good dandruff treatment

Dandruff is something that nearly everyone has struggled with at one time or another. The common problem is often caused by a build-up of oil on the scalp and a natural fungus that can create symptoms such as redness on the scalp, white or yellow flakes of dead skin, and itching. Other risk factors for dandruff include hormones, skin and health issues like psoriasis or eczema, heredity, lifestyle choices, and the environment.

There are many products on the market that target dandruff, most notably dandruff shampoo aimed to cure the scalp problem. However, rosemary oil can also be beneficial for those suffering from the annoying, and at times painful, problem. Because rosemary oil has anti-fungal properties it can help reduce the fungus and buildup that can be secreted by the scalp, which will help combat dandruff.

To use the oil for dandruff, it can be mixed with a carrier oil, added to shampoo, or found in products that look to rid the scalp of dandruff. "If you're trying to suppress itching due to dandruff, use the oil mixed with compounds three to four times a week. Massage it directly into the scalp, leave it on for 20 minutes, then shampoo the oils out of the hair and scalp," Trichologist Penny James tells ELLE.

Rosemary oil is great for combating hair breakage

While so many people turn to rosemary oil for hair growth, it's also a powerful tool to strengthen the hair and give your locks a healthy and shiny look. The oil can protect hair from damage and breakage, making it stronger and preventing hair loss. This will also give hair the appearance of fuller, healthier strands that have more shine, bounce, and elasticity. The oil can also aid in healing nerve and tissue damage, which improves the production of cells. It's also been known to slow down the process of graying hair.

While treating other hair issues with rosemary oil, there are options for how to apply the substance. However, if you're looking to get the most out of the oil when it comes to healing damaged hair and split ends, it's best if the oil is applied directly to the hair. "When used for treating damaged hair, it should be applied to the hair." Take a few drops and massage it right into your scalp to promote blood flow, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Brendan Camp tells Women's Health.

By using rosemary oil to heal the damage to your hair, you may find that your locks look more luscious than ever.

Rosemary oil can reduce inflammation on the scalp

One benefit that you may enjoy from using rosemary oil is the anti-inflammatory properties. While the oil can strengthen and grow hair, take care of dandruff, and even help repair major breakage, it can also have a huge impact on your scalp. By using rosemary oil, you can reduce damage caused by free radicals that can irritate the scalp. This allows hair to grow stronger and healthier. It also stimulates the scalp, helping carry blood as well as the nutrients needed for the hair's follicles.

Dr. Ava Shamban tells Byrdie that rosemary oil includes one very important ingredient that aids in the health of your scalp and hair, carnosic acid, which is very important to the health of your scalp and hair. "[Carnosic acid is] "known to be highly restorative in skin and tissues," the dermatologist revealed.

This acid, along with other ingredients found in rosemary oil such as borneol and camphor can create a healthy barrier on the scalp and even help reduce pain caused by scalp and skin issues. "These natural compounds were shown to have anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, and analgesic—pain-reducing—properties," Dr. Yoram Harth revealed to Cosmopolitan.

Rosemary oil is considered safe for all hair types

Everyone's hair is different, and what works for one person may have no impact on another. However, rosemary oil has been known to be safe for all hair types, and can potentially help transform your locks into a much healthier version. "Rosemary essential oil can be used on any hair type because the benefits target the hair follicle, not the hair strand," hairstylist Matt Newman told ELLE. "It is safe to use on color-treated hair, especially because its main use should be directly on the scalp."

While anyone looking to improve the condition of their hair can use the oil, Dr. Ava Shamban suggests that it's more beneficial for people with specific hair conditions. "Rosemary oil can be used for ... most hair and skin types, but it would be most helpful for those with oily hair or those with damaged hair, breakage, and who are experiencing some forms of thinning hair or loss," she stated via Byrdie.

If you're dealing with any sort of hair issue and are looking to improve the health of your hair and scalp, then rosemary oil may be what you've been waiting for. Although there is always a chance of a skin reaction when using any product, the oil has proven to work for many and should be used as directed.