Can Olive Oil Be Used With Other Skincare Products?

When cooking, olive oil is a condiment you can use to make just about everything taste better. And, it turns out that olive oil is a jack of all trades outside of the kitchen as well. Olive oil can be good for your hair, and another area where olive oil can be of good use is skincare. 

You might wonder why you'd want to add olive oil to your skincare routine. But, there are a variety of surprising benefits to doing so. General practitioner Diana Gall, M.D., told Good Housekeeping that olive oil is "an antioxidant, so it prevents oxidation of the skin and may prevent premature aging and sun damage." In addition, it can be used as an effective makeup remover and moisturizer. But your skincare routine is like a perfectly orchestrated symphony. You can't just throw in a new instrument without checking that it fits in harmony with the others. To ensure you reap the skincare benefits of olive oil, you'll need to pair it with the right products.

Products to use olive oil with for hydration

You might have already heard that humectants are good for the skin. Humectants are substances that attract and absorb water into the skin when applied topically. Some buzzworthy examples include hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and AHAs. According to a study published by the journal "Cosmetics," these skincare products can be made more effective when used in combination with olive oil. They explain that the olive oil forms a protective layer over the skin which stops H2O molecules from evaporating. This aids the humectants in sealing in more moisture.

Ee Ting Ng, cosmetic chemist and founder of the Australian-based skincare brand Hop & Cotton, elaborated on this idea with Byrdie, saying, "Being an emollient with occlusive properties, olive oil will work best when maximum moisture is sealed into the skin, which is typically at the last step of the routine (in the day, use just before sunscreen). You can use it before or mix it in with your moisturizer."

Olive oil can be used for double-cleansing

Another buzzy skincare trend that olive oil can be combined with is "double-cleansing." If you don't already know about this face-washing method, it is just what it sounds like — cleansing your face twice. In an interview with Dermstore, Dr. David Lortscher, a board-certified dermatologist, explained that to double-cleanse, you first wash "with an oil-based cleanser and again with a water-based cleanser. It can help remove stubborn, pore-clogging, and acne-causing impurities that can remain on the skin even after washing your face once."

Olive oil works as a tremendous oil-based cleanser. Aesthetic plastic surgeon Paul Lorenc told Byrdie that "Olive oil is great for breaking down waxy substances like waterproof mascara and eyeliner." By using olive oil to start, you can gently clear your skin of stubborn dirt and makeup. In doing so, you can ensure all of the wonderful ingredients in your second wash actually reach your skin.

While olive oil may be a great, versatile skincare product for some, this might not be true for everyone. We recommend doing a patch test or consulting your dermatologist before incorporating olive oil into your skincare routine.