Days Of Our Lives Fans Give A Thumbs Down To Bo And Hope's Brief And Brutal Reunion

"Days of Our Lives" fans didn't get the epic Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) and Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) reunion that they had planned on. This week, the Peacock soap opera threw fans through a loop when Bo and Hope finally came face to face and were ready to reunite romantically, but a misunderstanding led to Bo's own son, Shawn-Douglas Brady (Brandon Beemer) shooting his father. Bo was rushed to the hospital in Greece, where his heart stopped and he was pronounced dead. Hope couldn't believe that just moments after finding out that Bo was still alive, she had lost him yet again. The stress led Hope to faint, and during her time unconscious, she dreamed of Bo.

In the sweet montage, Bo and Hope are seen in Greece having the reunion that fans wanted them to have. They embraced, kissed, and even went back to Victor's Greek home to be alone. While there, the two snuggled up in front of the fireplace and planned for their future, promising to never be kept apart again.

However, when Hope woke up she was told that Bo's heart had started beating again and he was in surgery. Later, doctors told the family that Bo had made it out of surgery but had slipped into a coma. Now, fans are speaking out about the dramatic scenes.

Fans react to Bo and Hope's unconventional reunion

Fans have been waiting for Bo and Hope's reunion on "Days of Our Lives" for months. Now that the storyline is playing out, many don't like what they're seeing. Some viewers took to Twitter to reveal their disapproval about Bo and Hope not getting enough screen time together. "Let's bring #Bope back for 6 weeks. But we'll have them in completely separate stories, they'll barely mention or think about each other. Then we'll give them one episode together, and when they finally reunite we'll have Shawn shoot his dad. The fans will love it!" one person tweeted. "The only thing I'm happy about is Bo Brady is finally alive! I will be happy about that and 🙏 for much much more. But I've been 🙏 Bo Brady comes back alive for 8 years so it's a win on that front. The #Bope front is a joke! How they could only spend 5mins together out of 6 wks," another wrote.

"For me, Bope is the show's most iconic couple. If someone hasn't watched #DAYS since Marlena's possession, you can walk up to them and say Bo and Hope and they'll smile and know exactly what you're talking about. This second "finale" is a no for me," another said. "This is blatantly disregarding the fans," one viewer commented.

It seems that fans aren't loving Bo and Hope's big storyline, and are hoping that they'll eventually get more from the iconic couple in the future.