General Hospital Fans Can't Get Enough Of Jane Elliot As Tracy

Jane Elliot's cantankerous character Tracy Quartermaine has amused and entertained "General Hospital" fans ever since 1978. Tracy once denied her father Edward Quartermaine (then David Lewis) his heart medication when he appeared to be having a heart attack, causing Elliot to win the fans over, as they didn't know what she would do next. Edward was, of course, faking it to test Tracy, which she obviously failed. He kicked her out of the family, and Tracy would return and be banished several times over the years. Her surly and entitled way of looking at the world has softened over the years, particularly since Tracy got into an unlikely romance with the heroic scoundrel, Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary).

Tracy and Luke eventually moved to Amsterdam in 2017 — as both actors retired — but she's returned a few times since then. In 2021, Tracy returned to Port Charles to share the devastating news that Luke had been killed in a cable car accident in Switzerland. The nefarious Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) has been fingered as the number one suspect in Luke's "accident," and is now implementing a scheme that may have dire consequences for humanity. Tracy also saved Luke's son, Ethan Lovett (James Ryan), from an auction that would have meant the end of his life.

With Ethan safe, and Victor still at large, Tracy has returned to her family in Port Charles, although they're not exactly jumping for joy.

Fans were ecstatic at Tracy's hilarious return

As Tracy Quartermaine has returned to Port Charles, "General Hospital" posted the scene of her surprising her family on its official Twitter page, captioning it: "Tracy wastes no time questioning her family's every decision since the last time she was in Port Charles." She barged into the family's den, immediately complaining that the daffodils lining the driveway looked like "The Easter bunny threw up out there. Thank God I'm home to put things to rights." After demanding to be welcomed properly, Tracy went on to ask why Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) was there, and regaled everyone with her tale of saving Ethan Lovett's life. 

The fans were overjoyed with Tracy's return, with one declaring, "Man, Jane Elliot is a gift to our show. Just wit and speed and sparkle taking a lackluster moment and making it shine. Still at the top of her game. I love it when she comes back." Another shared their happiness, replying, "So glad Tracy is back. We have missed [Jane Elliot] on the show." A true Tracy fan posted, "I can watch her all day! Such a breath of fresh air!" As the praise for Elliot's return rolled on, one viewer gushed, "I love love love the Tracy scenes. More of her please." 

And a fan hoping for a longer return of Tracy wrote, "Jane needs to be lured out of retirement because #GH needs Tracy Q."