What You Need To Know About Brand-New HGTV Host Galey Alix

Move over, Christina Hall; Galey Alix is HGTV's new superstar. The Florida native is an interior designer who has captured countless hearts on social media. In April 2023, Alix's show, "Home in a Heartbeat," premiered on HGTV. The series delves into how Alix spruces up a client's home within a small timeframe. She explained this concept further to HGTV Insider and said, "My process is pretty unique. People reach out to me on social media, they hand me their credit card and their keys, and I move in for the weekend without ever telling them what I'm doing."

She continued, "Every home makeover is a complete surprise and I do it all with my small but scrappy team of best friends. It's always a mad dash to the finish and some very late nights, but we can't get enough of it." But being an interior designer is not Alix's only career. She also works in finance. Per her LinkedIn page, Alix is the vice president and regional director for Goldman Sachs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

So how did she become an interior designer? Alix told Fort Lauderdale Magazine she decided to decorate her large home in Connecticut that she and her then-fiance purchased. However, Alix never walked down the aisle or lived in the Connecticut home permanently.

Her interior design career took off after the end of her engagement

Alix Galey explained to The Boca Raton Observer that she documented her Connecticut homes' design process on social media. At the time, she was living in Florida during the week and in Connecticut during the weekend. Galey told the publication that she developed an eating disorder that she believed stemmed from attempting to keep up with this hectic lifestyle. Soon after, Galey and her fiance ended their relationship, and she took a break from social media. She said these events left her completely devastated. However, Galey said, she eventually recovered from her eating disorder and returned online.

Unbeknownst to her, she had garnered a fanbase on social media while she was gone. People loved her videos and wanted more. Galey got to work, and at the time of this publication, she's grown her social media to 1.6 million followers on Instagram and 2.8 million on TikTok.

Discussing the end of her relationship with Fort Lauderdale Magazine, Galey said, "I look back and I think that wasn't a failure; that was my biggest success, that was my rebirth. I think the only failure in life is failure to try." Her interior design videos and social media presence later caught the attention of HGTV. In September 2022, the network revealed that they had picked up "Home in a Heartbeat."

Galey Alix is currently dating Dale Moss from The Bachelorette

Although Galey Alix is juggling working in finance and interior design, she still has time for romance. The HGTV newcomer is in a relationship with Dale Moss. Moss is a former NFL star who played for various teams, including the Green Bay Packers. However, Moss is perhaps best known for starring in the 16th season of "The Bachelorette." He proposed to Clare Crawley on the show, and the pair subsequently had a relationship. Moss and Crawley announced their relationship was over in late 2021. Alix and Moss began dating in 2022. The HGTV star met her partner by slipping into his DMs.

Moss told Us Weekly that Alix had listened to a podcast he was featured on. She sent him a message, and the rest is history. Moss regularly posts photos and videos of Alix on his Instagram. In a post for Alix's birthday, Moss gushed about her and wrote, "So happy we get to exist in this world together. I'm beyond proud of the courage you've shown unapologetically going after your dreams & have found a sense of home I've never experienced before through your love."

You can watch Alix on HGTV's "Home in a Heartbeat" on Wednesday nights at 9|8c.