Everything We Know About Cardi B's Secret Wedding

Look out, folks! We've got a secret wedding on our hands!

Fans of the "Bodak Yellow" rapper were stunned when it was revealed in June 2018 that Cardi B had secretly wed supposed fiancé Offset (of Migos fame) months before their very public 2017 engagement! Though Offset appeared to totally surprise Cardi B with a seemingly unexpected proposal in October 2017, the couple had actually tied the knot a month before — in a bedroom! Nonetheless, Cardi B gave an Oscar-worthy performance when Offset took a knee onstage. Hey, if this whole mega-successful, chart-topping rapper thing doesn't work out for her, we're thinking Cardi B should definitely give Hollywood a try! Girl's got skill.

Thanks to Offset thanking his wife in his BET Awards acceptance speech (instead of his fiancé), fans rushed to speculate on the apparent slip-up. Thankfully, Cardi B put any speculation to rest by confirming the couple's big news on Twitter. Here's an inside look at Cardi B's big (though super low-key) day. 

The couple met after a 2016 collaboration

Every great love story gets its start somewhere. For Cardi B and Offset, that romantic beginning came after the pair collaborated on the 2016 Cardi B hit, "Lick," which featured Offset. But according to Billboard, it's very possible that the two lovebirds didn't even meet each other during the recording process! That's right — it's totally possible to drop a hit collaboration without even truly knowing your fellow collaborator. Welcome to the 21st century! 

The track, which was officially released on January 20, 2017 and was part of Cardi B's Gangsta B***h Music Vol. 2 album, might have been the first time Cardi B and Offset collaborated, but we have a feeling it won't be the last time these two make beautiful music together. In fact, their most recent collaboration (a.k.a. the reason for Cardi B's adorable baby bump which she premiered during a Saturday Night Live performance) is reportedly due in July 2018! 

They got married long BEFORE the proposal

You've probably seen the plethora of proposal videos swirling around on all over the internet. From surprise Disney proposals, to romantic beachside proposals, to fully-choreographed flash mob proposals — the internet has seen them all. And everyone knows the best part about a surprise proposal is witnessing the look that washes over the bride-to-be's face when she realizes that, yes, this is really happening. 

Fans of Cardi B and Offset were treated to a live, extra special, surprise proposal on October 29, 2017 when Offset dropped to one knee onstage in front of a cheering crowd at the Philly Powerhouse concert and asked the chart-topper to be his bride. She said yes, and fans across the land rejoiced. However, once the news broke that the hip-hop couple were actually married a month prior to the proposal, many were quick to call shenanigans on the supposed "surprise proposal" — even though Cardi B gave a pretty convincing performance

Offset let the news slip at the BET Awards

At some point or another, we've all let the proverbial cat out of the bag. And at the 2018 BET Awards, Offset proved that celebrities are far from exempt to letting a secret slip. Stars — they're just like us! 

At the 2018 BET Awards, which were held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California on June 24, 2018, Migos took to the stage to accept the award for best group. Offset briefly addressed the audience during the group's acceptance speech, saying, "I thank God, I thank my wife — you should thank yours, too." And fans were like, "Whaaaaa?" 

It seems that Offset is simply too smitten with his bride to keep their secret to himself. But if this Rolling Stone interview (published on June 20, 2018), the BET Awards incident wasn't the first time the rapper had hinted at Cardi B being his wife. "Guys, fellas! You'll lose your wife trying to stop them from being the best they can," Offset said in the Rolling Stone profile, titled "Cardi B and Offset: A Hip-Hop Love Story."

The wedding was SUPER low-key

It seems that low-key, ultra-simplistic weddings are all the rage these days. There are about a million Pinterest boards filled with copious amounts of simple and sweet wedding inspiration ideas — from untraditional, toned-down wedding dresses, to minimal guest lists, to super-intimate locations. You definitely don't have to spend a fortune or stress yourself out to marry the love of your life — and if any two people know this to be true, it's Cardi B and Offset. After all, these lovebirds wed in a bedroom

No need to adjust your monitor — you read that correctly. Cardi B revealed in a tweet that she married Offset in an intimate bedroom ceremony. According to TMZ, a source close to Offset and Cardi B reportedly revealed that the Migos star "woke up one September morning, looked at the 'Bodak Yellow' rapper in the eye and straight-up said, 'Marry me.'" She said yes (obviously), and the pair hired an officiant to wed them right there in the bedroom, with Cardi B's cousin as their witness. Who says romance is dead? 

No dress, no makeup, and no ring

You don't have to be a super-fan of of Cardi B to know that the chart-topping hip-hop artist isn't exactly known for keeping things low-key (except for, you know, her secret wedding). No, this gal is all about expressing every bit of who she is in both her work as an artist and how she chooses to present herself. She's no stranger to a statement-making outfit — and her 2018 Met Gala ensemble is a shining example of that. So the first question on our minds when we discovered Cardi B and Offset secretly wed in 2017 was, "What did she wear?!" 

Thankfully, Cardi B took to social media to answer the burning question. In a note published to her personal Twitter account, the rapper wrote, "I said I do with no dress, no make-up, and no ring!" Awwww. While we were so looking forward to what Cardi B's wedding dress would look like on her big day, we're sure she looked just as beautiful keeping it low-key, without all the glitz and glam. 

Their secret wedding happened the same month as their breakup

First comes a break-up, then comes marriage. That's how the old adage goes, right? No?

Well, that's kind of how it happened in Cardi B and Offset's love story. If you follow Cardi B on social media, you know all-too-well that this rap star isn't one to keep her thoughts and opinions to herself — and that includes said thoughts and opinions about her now-hubby, Offset. As multiple sources reported, Cardi B dropped some not-so-subtle hints that her relationship with Offset was on the rocks on October 21, 2017 — mere days before their public engagement on October 29. She even posted a selfie captioned "Single" in a now-deleted Instagram post (thankfully captured by hawk-eyed fans). 

However, the unexpected split only lasted a few minutes before Cardi B took to Instagram to calm fans' hearts and minds. "So listen babes, I exaggerated [a little] bit earlier 'cause I was really upset and the Bronx girl in me always [has] to go to the extreme," the star captioned a photo of her Migos rapper beau. 

Cardi had a clap-back for the haters

Say what you want about Cardi B, but you can't say the woman doesn't know how to make an announcement.

After months of pregnancy speculation, Cardi B took to the Saturday Night Live stage in April 2018 to perform two of her hit songs, "Bodak Yellow" and "Be Careful," but performing isn't all the chart-topping rap star did. During her killer performance of "Be Careful," the camera slowly panned out to reveal an unmistakable baby bump hiding underneath the all-white, figure-hugging dress Cardi B was sporting for the performance. It was the mother (no pun intended) of all pregnancy reveals — and you could nearly hear the collective gasps of fans across the country. She really did that! 

While many celebrated Cardi B's exciting news, the haters were all over social media — some people even shaming the star for getting pregnant out of wedlock. Hate to break it to you, haters, but Cardi B has no problem calling you out now that the world knows about her marriage. The mama-to-be addressed naysayers on Twitter by writing, "At least ya [sic] can stop saying I had a baby out of wedlock." You tell 'em, girl!

We just grew out of love

Unfortunately, just five months after welcoming their first child together, Kulture Kiari, Cardi B and Offset announced they were parting ways. Cardi B took to Instagram to explain the split to fans, saying, "I've been trying to work things out with my baby father for a hot minute now. ...It's nobody's fault. I guess we just grew out of love. But we are not together anymore." For his part, Offset responded to his wife's video with two words: "Y'all won." 

According to TMZ, the split was announced on the heels of reports that Offset was reportedly cheating on Cardi B just weeks before their daughter was born. However, the couple still spent the holidays together — and in February 2019, Cardi B confirmed that she and Offset had reconciled their relationship. "We're just taking things slow," the Grammy award-winning rapper told People. "We have a baby right now. That's like our real big focus."