Where Can You Look For Love On Your Phone If You Lead A Sober Lifestyle

There's no question that drinking is a part of many people's social lives and is pretty much ingrained in our society's culture. Whether it's a work event, dinner with friends, or a night out — indulging in a few cocktails is often considered the norm. First dates are typically nerve-wracking, and many people feel most comfortable reaching for a drink on a date to break the ice. According to a study in 2021 by Zoosk, 72% of online daters claim they consume alcohol. 

Recently, a new movement has been making waves on social media, with more and more people questioning their relationship with alcohol. Videos under the tag "sober curious" have racked up over 800 million views on TikTok, and this number continues to grow each day. A 2020 study found that the percentage of college-age Americans who don't drink has risen from 20% to 28% in a decade. It turns out that figuring out how to navigate new relationships while sober doesn't have to be intimidating. With sobriety becoming a much more popular lifestyle choice, feeling confident while sober and on a date has never been easier. Here are our favorite sober dating apps to help you find love.

Clean and Sober Love

The Clean and Sober Love dating app works similarly to Tinder on a match basis. You can browse through the profiles of users and swipe right on those who you're interested in getting to know better and left on those who you prefer to skip. This app was specifically created to help singles in recovery or those who are sober find like-minded partners, so you don't have to worry whether people on the app are sober. You can create a profile, upload a few photos of yourself, and add details about who you are as a person to curate a profile that stands out and helps you find a true connection.

The dating app is free to download and use, but if you prefer, you can opt to upgrade your subscription if you want to experience exclusive features like an ad-free platform, profile boosts, and read receipts. 


Loosid is a dating app that's perfect for those who are sober curious or have abstained from alcohol for a long period of time. Whether you're just starting your sobriety journey or have been sober for years, you can find someone who shares your lifestyle and values. The app isn't strictly for those who are in recovery like other sober dating apps, so be mindful that not everyone you meet will be on their sobriety journey. With this app, you can share the reasons behind your sobriety on your profile — whether it's for health or an overall improved sense of well-being — to help connect you to singles. The app works on a match-based system like most popular dating apps and is free to sign up.

Loosid also provides a supportive community where you can chat with other members when you are struggling or need support with your sobriety journey.


While MeetMindful wasn't designed specifically for those on their sobriety journey, it's a safe space where people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle can connect. If you've stopped drinking in order to boost your well-being and overall health, this is a great app to use to meet people who have done the same. It's free to sign up and with the free membership, you can browse 10 profiles per day and like up to 3 profiles daily.

MeetMindful allows you to add preferences and dealbreakers to your profile, so when you're searching through potential matches, you'll be browsing through people who match your criteria. When creating your profile, you'll be prompted to rate your commitment to mindfulness, describe what inspires you, and talk about your passions and hobbies. These profile prompts allow you to describe yourself on a deeper level and will guide you toward finding genuine and strong connections on the app.

Sober Grid

If you're new to your sobriety journey or struggling with your alcohol-free lifestyle, Sober Grid is a great app to consider. With this app, you'll create your profile and be prompted to fill out a sober calculator, which keeps track of how many days you're sober. This is a useful tool to keep you motivated in your sobriety journey while also finding people who are at the same stage in their journey as you are. The app offers an online community and peer support coaching that is there to help you if you're having trouble with your recovery and need someone to talk to. This can be a great way to meet a potential partner who you can relate to and connect with.

The app also provides digital therapy and an online library filled with mental health resources that offer users the support they need post-recovery.

Love in Recovery

Love in Recovery is a dating website that was created to help singles who are sober find a genuine connection while in recovery. It's also used for those who are simply living a sober lifestyle and want to find someone who is as well. It's free to create a profile and browse through other members. Unfortunately, you won't be able to make a connection with someone without a membership. If while browsing you come across a profile you like and want to reach out to, you'll need to pay for a monthly membership. The memberships are sold by the month, starting at $19.97 for one month, with better deals as you commit to a longer membership. 

Love in Recovery can not only be used to help you find your perfect partner but someone to lean on, too. The website can be a way to find friendship, especially if you're new to sobriety, as most recovery programs recommend waiting a year before getting into a romantic relationship.