Lori Loughlin's daughters grew up to look just like her

It was over 20 years ago that Full House star Lori Loughlin tied the knot with fashion king Mossimo Giannulli, in what could be one of the most 90s weddings ever to take place. And over two decades later, the couple is still together — and from the looks of it, still happy. It's nice to see a Hollywood couple make it work for so long!

While the Mossimo brand has gone from what you wore with your JNCOs to a household brand carried by Target, and while Full House has become Fuller House, the power couple's daughters have been not-so-quietly coming into their own. Both Isabella Rose and Olivia Jade, who have blossomed into beautiful young women, are slowly starting to cultivate their own fame — on their own terms. And while they follow in their parents' footsteps in some ways, they're also fostering their own independent career paths. Here's everything we know about Lori Loughlin's daughters — who really look just like her.

Close-knit — but strict

Bella and Olivia have always enjoyed a happy relationship with their mother. It helps that she altered her work schedule when the girls were growing up to be home as much as possible, according to People magazine. "Once I decided to have a family, I said that would be my priority. Life goes by so fast," Loughlin said of the decision. She's lucky she was able to do that!

That paid off, because the girls and their mom are still tight. "We're both very close with her," Bella shared with People. So, while they might not actually be triplets, they're certainly super close-knit. That doesn't mean Loughlin just caves in to her daughters' every whim, though, or allowed them to have whatever they wanted growing up. "I'd like to think I'm somewhat their friend, but more importantly, I am their mother and a guiding force," Loughlin continued. "I am strict with my girls." Good job, mama.

They didn't watch Full House growing up

According to an interview with BUILD, when Bella and Olivia were little, they would watch shows on the Disney Channel for fun. And since some of those shows included sitcoms, that gave Loughlin an idea. "So I thought, well, maybe they would like Full House," she mused. After all, it's not wildly different from the shows they were already watching. So what happened? "I put Full House on, and they were like, 'yeah, nope! We don't want to watch this,'" Loughlin confessed. Hilarious!

As odd as it is that the kids straight up dissed the show — a show that millions of people watched and adored — Loughlin had an idea why they just weren't into it. "I think for them it was a little weird to see me on TV, and they just couldn't process it," she continued. And while that does make sense, it's a little hard to wrap our heads around the idea that the girls never watched it growing up like so many of us did!

Handling fame from an early age

When Bella was just a little girl, she didn't really grasp the extent of her mom's fame. "I didn't realize, like, not everyone sees their mom on TV, like, a lot!" she shared in an interview with BUILD. In fact, it took her until second grade to deduce that mom had a "pretty cool job." Still, sometimes she forgets Loughlin is a legend. "It's odd to see her on the TV screen and then turn around and see her cooking dinner," she told Teen VogueThat would be surreal, for sure.

Olivia shares the same sentiment, too. "Fame has never crossed my mind once," she stated in a vlog on her YouTube channel. "She's my mom. I mean, that's all I can really say for that: she's my mom." 

But Olivia did have a revelation about just how famous Loughlin is in more recent years. "I don't think I even realized the success of the show until I clicked on the Netflix Fuller House promo recently and noticed it had more than 13 million views," she shared with Teen Vogue. Now she gets it!

Their biggest fight?

It's pretty clear that Bella and Olivia are BFFs. They frequently appear in each other's Instagram posts, and Bella often joins Olivia in her vlog posts. It makes you wonder if they ever fight, and if they do, what do they fight about?

Olivia dished about it in a vlog. "I think what we fight about the most is, probably, I take all of [Bella's] clothing without asking her, so she gets really mad about that," she said. She attributes her thieving ways to Bella's superior sense of style.

Bella's definitely not shy about how much this bugs her. "I'll be at home, or I'll be out… and all of a sudden, she'll put something in her Snapchat story," she vented on her sister's vlog. "And I'll look at it, and it will be like, my shirt!" And of course, Olivia didn't ask if she could borrow it. Bella's also found her shoes missing on more than one occasion, only to spot them on Olivia's feet. Time to put a lock on your closet, girl!

Olivia's biggest regret?

Of all the things that a young, up-and-coming celeb might regret the most — like getting mixed up with drugs, an embarrassing paparazzi photo, or a celebrity feud — Olivia's major regret is surprisingly wholesome. "The number one thing I regret doing, probably in my life, is just caring about what other people think," she said in a post on her vlog

"I really, really do regret ever caring that people found my YouTube, or that people didn't want to be my friend anymore, people were gossipping behind my back, or anything like that." Looks like she's figured out at a young age that haters are just going to hate, so there's no reason to stress about it.

Rather than fret about the past, Olivia instead stresses how important it is to just learn from it, and let it go. "I think everything is a learning experience," she continued. She also shared how blessed she feels, and how excited she is for the year in front of her. She's always moving forward!

Bella's on the big screen

In 2016, Bella landed her first ever professional acting job, according to People magazine. Alongside her mother, she acted in the Hallmark Channel movie Every Christmas Has A Story, which she said was a "very fun" experience. 

Bella didn't start out wanting to be in front of the camera, though. In an interview with BUILD, she revealed that she originally wanted to work in the fashion industry as a designer. Then in 2014, she decided she wanted to "try acting." So, she asked her mother to sign her up for acting classes. "I kind of like, fell in love with it there," she gushed.

All of that happened in spite of Loughlin's best efforts to dissuade her from the thespian profession. "I've done everything in my power to discourage [my daughters] from becoming actors," Loughlin confessed to BUILD. While that sounds crazy, or even hypocritical, she did it simply because she knows firsthand how difficult the profession can be — and doesn't want her daughters to struggle. By all accounts, though, Bella killed it on set, and secured a role in the comedy series Alone Together. We can't wait for what's next!

Olivia's a YouTube queen

One of the most exciting things going on in Olivia's life is her wildly successful YouTube channel, which has over 1.5 million subscribers! On it, she features makeup tutorials, vlogs with her sister and mom, fashion roundups, and access to her personal life. And it all started thanks, in part, to her celeb mom. 

"What initially got me into this was watching our mom get her makeup done for events," she shared with Teen Vogue. "It's pretty special that as a kid I got to learn proper techniques from watching professionals." That enabled her to develop the serious skills she showcases in her videos.

Having such a successful channel has given Olivia purpose, too. "If I never started YouTube, I have no idea what I would be doing," she confessed in a vlog. Keep in mind she's barely out of high school — a time when few people have everything together! Her YouTube career has obviously played an important role in her life thus far.  

Bella's favorite spot in LA?

In 2017, Bella went on a road trip along with her bud and fellow Full House family member, Natasha Bure, according to People magazine. The two teamed up with a movie star dog named Happy, driving to several of Hollywood's most famous locales. Their mission was to promote the Hallmark Channel film Love at the Shore, but it's clear the trio had a total blast along the way. They got treats at Randy's Donuts, enjoyed cake at The Ivy, stargazed at the Griffith Observatory, and put Happy's paws in cement outside Grauman's Chinese Theater, to name just some of their adventures. Who's jealous?

So what was the highlight of the trip for Bella? "Shooting at the Hollywood sign was my favorite location because I felt like it captured the essence of Los Angeles," she shared with People magazine. "I had never been to that particular location before, even though I have lived my whole life in LA, so it was a cool sight to see." That sounds absolutely epic!

Olivia's a high school grad!

Olivia celebrated a huge milestone in May 2018: she graduated from high school! And guess what? You can see the entire thing, as she posted a video of her graduation day on her YouTube channel. "I'm freaking excited to be done for good," she exclaimed on her vlog. Congrats, girl!

As exciting as the big day was, Olivia also shared some concerns about what comes next. "I'm also kind of sad because that means I have to go into the real world and do grown-up things soon like move [and] get an apartment," she continued. She also confessed that she was terrified of falling on her face on the walk to get her diploma — relatable! Spoiler alert: it didn't happen.

Bella posted an adorable tribute to her sister's accomplishment on her Instagram page, with the caption, "if you know Olivia, you too are probably surprised she stuck it out. Congrats my little graduate." Awwww.

Bella's on the market

Bella may be the older of the two sisters by a full year, but that doesn't mean she has everything figured out, or that she's all settled down. In fact, the elder Giannulli sibling is still single — and on the market. "[I] may be single but got my eye on a few people (who don't know I exist)," she wrote in a post on her Instagram page. Check out the ridiculously adorable shirt she's sporting, too.

So it sounds like Bella's nursing some secret crushes on some super lucky guys. But how could anyone not notice her? We suspect she's being just a little humble, here. Bella's not afraid to joke about her singledom, either. She describes herself as a "serial friendzoner" on her Instagram page, for one. She also posts the occasional meme making fun of herself and her romantic tendencies. So she can't be too bummed out about her love life just yet.

As for Olivia, she revealed that she was recently single in a post on her vlog in early 2018.

Olivia's future dreams?

Olivia has already accomplished so much, especially for someone so young. But the budding starlet has other ambitions up her sleeve, showing just how motivated she really is. "It's a dream of mine to launch a beauty or skin-care company one day," she mused in an interview with Teen Vogue. "Being able to create my own line of products would be so surreal." Given her ever-growing number of subscribers and her killer makeup skills — in addition to her natural beauty and fashion savvy — it seems more like a when than an if.

Those aren't the only goals Olivia's set for herself, though. She also shared some of her more personal ambitions in an interview with Yahoo Beauty, who asked her where she sees herself in a decade in an interview. "Ideally I would love to be happily married," she revealed. 

And what about the future of her YouTube channel? "I definitely think I'll still be on YouTube doing beauty videos if YouTube is still a thing!" she continued.

An unfair advantage?

In March of 2019, Loughlin and Giannulli (among other wealthy parents) were charged with felony counts of fraud in a college cheating scheme, according to CNN. Allegedly, the Full House actress and her husband agreed to pay $500,000 in bribes to have Bella and Olivia designated recruits to the crew team at USC, even though the girls never participated in crew before. This made both Olivia and Bella appear to be successful athletes, making them more appealing to the university.

Among the evidence in the case is an email between Giannulli and William Rick Singer, CEO of The Key, wherein they conversed about a "game plan" for Bella, whose grades were either at or below the "low end" of USC's requirements, according to Singer. Additionally, that game plan involved Singer facilitating a bribe to Donna Heinel, the senior associate athletic director at USC, who saw to it that the recruit designation was facilitated. 

Loughlin and Giannulli were also recorded in telephone discussions concerning what to say if they were asked about the bribe during an IRS audit on the company. Loughlin said she would state she made a donation, "end of story." Yikes.