The List Spots Prince Louis Letting Loose After King Charles' Long Coronation - Exclusive Video

After the coronation of King Charles III, an on-the-ground List reporter captured an exclusive video of his grandson, 5-year-old Prince Louis of Wales, having a moment of silliness. The coronation was an hours-long affair filled with customary religious ceremonies, stoic troops wearing plumed headgear, and lengthy speeches given by various officials. By the end of it all, King Charles donned the St. Edward's Crown. He is now officially recognized as the newest monarch of Great Britain and his wife Camilla Queen consort.

The seriousness of the historic event meant guests, especially the royal family, were to remain on their best behavior in respect of the coronation. Any young child, even a royal prince, would be ready to let loose and have fun after that. Throughout the ceremony, William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, seemed to have done their duty in reminding their children that they had to be respectful during the event, although there were a couple of adorably funny moments. But once the royal family was leaving the coronation, Louis just couldn't help himself from having a bit of fun (you have to see it for yourself).

Prince Louis plays peekaboo with the crowd

As the coronation ceremony ended and the exit procession began from Westminster Abbey, royal guests climbed into their coaches and departed for their next location. Prince William and Princess Kate climbed into one with their children, including, of course, Prince Louis.

The List reporter filmed as the coach rode by against the backdrop of a cheering crowd beaming with pride and joy over the popular royal family. That's when our reporter noticed something funny happening inside the carriage — Prince Louis seemed to want to have some fun with his beaming onlookers. The 5-year-old turned his head away from the crowd before whipping back around, making a silly face at everyone watching. Again, he turned away and then spun around to reveal another funny expression to the window, and then went on to do it again and again in rapid succession.

According to our reporter's exclusive observations, the crowd absolutely loved this impromptu game of "peekaboo" with the young prince. The British public is more than familiar with Louie's adorable antics, as witnessed by him stealing the show at the Platinum Jubilee Celebration. Of course, we've come to expect nothing less from the playful prince.

Prince Louis and the resounding yawn

Prince Louis' game of peekaboo might have been an effort to wake himself up after having to sit still for a long period of time. It was more than evident that the youngest Prince of Wales was growing bored during the formal ceremony. There were certain points where his eyes drifted toward the ornate ceiling of Westminster Abbey. He also shared a whisper or two with his sister Charlotte, Princess of Wales, and pointed out things of interest around the crowded room.

But it was his no-holds-barred yawning that really captured the attention of the media present at the coronation, not to mention the rest of the worldwide audience. The yawning was made all the more hilarious when Louis did not even attempt to cover his mouth; he was growing bored, and the world might as well know it. It was a funny moment that some found endearing, but apparently, that wasn't a sentiment shared by everyone in the room. Per Page Six, a nanny was on hand to carry the prince away in case he showed signs of unruly behavior or tiredness that might interfere with the ceremony. He did in fact, as Metro UK discovered, leave the front row for a short stint before reappearing there a little while later.

To us, it was definitely a relatable moment that gave us "Mom, I'm ready to leave the family reunion" vibes.