The Spencer And Trina Classic Soap Moment That Gave General Hospital Fans All The Feels

Lightning has struck twice on "General Hospital," as the Cassadines have once again been thwarted by Laura Collins (Genie Francis) and her team of heroes. Back in 1981, the super couple of Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) and Laura thrilled audiences as they stopped an insane plot by Mikkos Cassadine (John Colicos) who wanted nothing less than total world domination. Now, audiences have been caught up in the love story of Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) and Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali), and this new super couple has definitely left an impression. Known affectionately by fans as Sprina — an amalgamation of Spencer and Trina — the two have been caught up in Victor Cassadine's (Charles Shaughnessy) plot to wipe out most of the world's population in order to save the planet.

While Spencer and a few others were held captive by Victor on a ship called the Haunted Star, Trina snuck on board and was able to move about undetected, calling for help via a satellite phone she found. Ultimately, Laura and her team came in and saved everyone. However, Victor almost escaped on the boat, but Spencer chased and confronted him. Everyone thought both men had perished when the WSB launched a drone strike that destroyed the ship. However, Spencer managed to survive, and when he caught up to the team, Trina was so overjoyed that she jumped into his arms in a stunt that impressed viewers everywhere, and the two are being hailed as the new Luke and Laura.

Fans leapt for joy

"General Hospital" fans were all over Twitter talking about the amazing leap Trina Robinson made into the arms of Spencer Cassadine. One fan gleefully tweeted a screenshot of the leap, posting, "Can we talk about that leap/jump?!" While some fans expected Trina to knock Spencer over, they were all still happy to see it, with one praising, "Superior direction! Great scene! I will remember it forever." Even "Days of Our Lives" star Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) was impressed, retweeting the fan who posted the screenshot, writing, "Beautifully executed." Another viewer took notice of Reckell's post and responded, "Bo Brady is a #Sprina fan." The "GH" fans were suitably impressed that a member of another soap opera super couple could openly appreciate a scene from a different show.

All across the Twitterverse, fans were thrilled at not only the storyline, but the scene, with one follower summarizing the action, "It's like she sensed him before she saw him . . . Trina hears a noise as from behind the rocks a figure emerges. Pure joy takes over when she sees Spencer and she launches herself up into his arms. He makes a perfect catch and holds her tightly. Epic." According to the fans, the storyline has wrapped up nicely and exceeded everyone's expectations.

Everyone on social media was thrilled when their favorite super couple came out on top, just like Luke and Laura did in 1981, and so were we.