How To Pull Off A Trendy Bubble Hem In 2023

Trends change like the weather. One year's trends, no matter the subject, can be completely different from the next year's trends. A lot of our favorite yearly fashion trends are seen on the runways during fashion week, which tends to be the initial indicator of an incoming trend for the upcoming season or year. The bubble hem is one '80s fashion trend making a huge comeback during 2023, as it has been seen on the runways by many different designers.

The bubble hem is a fun and feminine style that creates a bubble effect with a tucked hemline. This style can be a super fun way to add volume to a simple outfit, as Princess Diana demonstrated at the Cannes Film Festival in 1987. Now it is gaining even more popularity on runways by various fashion designers such as Ulla Johnson and Naeem Khan, prompting the return of the former trend. 

There are so many different ways in which someone can rock a trendy bubble hem look. Whether it is a skirt or a dress, there are a variety of styles of bubble hem, which is likely one reason why it is appealing to so many people. With endless styling opportunities, the bubble hem will fit anyone's taste. So how can you pull off the trending piece this year?

Bubble hem skirts

Bubble hem skirts are extremely versatile pieces to have in your closet. If you tend to be a more casual dresser, a skirt may be for you as it can be styled with a crop top and boots to look more relaxed. However, if you always love being dressed to the nines, then look no further because you can switch out boots and a sweater for heels and a blazer to elevate the skirt. The bubble hem trend is just beginning again in 2023.

Maxi bubble hem

First off, we have the maxi bubble hem. This fashion trend is more sophisticated and can be worn in a fancier setting. Since this look is voluminous, a maxi bubble hem skirt should really be worn with a tighter top, so your waistline is accentuated and you don't do not completely lose your body shape under all that fabric. If you are opting for a dress rather than a skirt, invest in a dress that doesn't swallow you whole. You want to show off your shoulders and arms if your legs are going to be covered.

Mini bubble hem

If you are looking to show off your toned legs for the spring and summer warm weather ahead, a mini bubble hem is a fun way to do so. With this bubble hem trend, you will leave a good impression on everyone. If you're struggling with ways to style a bubble hem mini dress, try some tall cowboy boots or even just a simple pair of wedges. Something with a heel will definitely spice the look up just a little bit more!

Midi bubble hem

Next up we have the midi bubble hem dress. This look is similar to the maxi, just a little bit shorter, and just a smidge longer than the mini. That is why we love the midi look: you don't have to choose one or the other. You can have the best of both worlds, and it really does suit anyone. Complement a midi bubble hem skirt with a tighter top to flash that waistline of yours, and make sure if you're rocking a dress, it's fitted at the bust to cinch you in.

The bubble hem for formal events

Whether it's prom season, a formal ball, or a black-tie wedding, styling a bubble hem formal dress is a great way to go. Not only is it elegant and sexy at the same time, but you can get the bubble hem look in a few different styles. You can go for a classic, long hem all the way around or you can go for a high-low bubble effect to show off your legs a little bit. 

Style a bubble hem top

Styling your bubble hem top is the most fun part! Adding accessories and the right pair of pants and shoes really ties the entire outfit together. Try rocking a mini skirt in the same shade as the flattering bubble hem top this spring or summer for a monochromatic look. Throw on some big funky earrings, and your favorite pair of wedges for the ultimate beach vibes. Don't forget a bold pair of sunglasses as well.