What You Don't Know About Chloe Morello

Beauty maven Chloe Morello is a legend in the industry. With millions of followers across YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, Morello is one of the most influential beauty vloggers in the world. The Australian makeup artist has been steadily blogging and vlogging since 2012. Since then, she has built up a massive following and become one of the most famous names in the beauty industry.

She lives a seemingly charmed life filled with glamour, but she didn't start off that way. Morello comes from humble origins and pursued a couple of other career paths before becoming the YouTube star we know and love. The self-made star has worked hard to get where she is today, rising to the top through a combination of dedication and natural talent. How did Morello become so famous, and what's she doing with her newly acquired celeb status? Let's find out! Here's everything you don't know about Chloe Morello.

Beauty school dropout

Morello has always loved makeup, but she had no formal training when she got her start as a freelance makeup artist. She began her career in the makeup industry in 2009, doing makeup while working towards a college degree. Morello eventually dropped out of college and then pursued a diploma in makeup, and then ended up dropping out of beauty school as well. "I don't think I really learnt anything new from that other than the special FX, so I moved back [home] before it actually finished and worked at my family's hotel," she told Beauty Haven.

The fact that Morello didn't finish her makeup course hasn't hurt her career at all. Anyone who has watched her video tutorials knows that she applies makeup with flawless precision, like any highly trained makeup artist would. Her millions of YouTube subscribers clearly agree and look to Morello as the seasoned professional that she is.

Her YouTube success is sort of thanks to her job at a crematorium

After dropping out of college and then beauty school, Morello briefly moved back home and worked for her family's hotel. She found that small town life wasn't for her, though, especially as her friends had moved away. Bored and lonely, Morello started blogging and gained a modest following. She moved to the larger city of Canberra, where she put her makeup tutorial videos on hold while searching for a job, eventually landing a gig in a crematorium where she sold plots and designed plaques.

"It was while working at the crematorium that I used my makeup videos as an outlet and to be creative and have fun outside of work hours," she told The Daily Greatest. "That was in 2012, and my channel just grew and grew like crazy!" Her YouTube channel gained more and more followers until Morello became one of the most recognized beauty vloggers in the industry. Who would have thought she'd have a crematorium to thank for giving her that push to reach her creative dreams? 

A wardrobe malfunction made her go viral

Morello worked hard to build up her YouTube following, but there's another reason that she was catapulted to fame. She had already built up a steady following when an on-air incident made her channel get a lot more attention. Morello told PopSugar about her rise to fame. "I uploaded a Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye look, which did quite well, and that was the first time I realized that creating content that is on-trend was a really great way to be discovered by more people," she said. "But to be completely honest, one of my videos went viral when I had a slight wardrobe malfunction involving a low-cut top and I started to get a lot of new followers!"

Morello laughed off the incident with her trademark sense of humor. While we wouldn't recommend deliberately staging a wardrobe malfunction on live TV in order to get viewers, an accidental one sure is one way to get the attention of the internet!

My audience loves when I make fun of myself

Some people might get caught up in the fame and the glamour of being a famous celebrity, but Morello has managed to stay humble. Morello is the kind of woman who isn't afraid to laugh at herself, and that's a large part of the reason her fans love her so much. Her self-deprecating humor helps endear her to her audience, and also shows that she has managed to keep grounded in spite of her fame. "I know my audience loves it when I make fun of myself and not take myself too seriously," she told PopSugar.

Morello also believes in remaining true to yourself, no matter what. "It would be way too tiring to try to be someone that you are not so we should all embrace ourselves for all of our differences," she said. "If you have confidence and believe in yourself then you really can take on the world."

Filming a tutorial takes how long?!

Being a YouTube sensation is hard work. It's easy to view people who get famous on YouTube as accidental celebrities making easy money from the comfort of their homes, but creating the kind of high-quality video tutorials Morello makes takes a lot of effort. Morello has a filming studio set up in her living room, which is where she films most of her videos. "It takes me at least four hours to set up and film a makeup look," she told Beauty Haven. "Then it takes another four hours to edit on my MacBook. It's a long and tedious process. I absolutely hate editing!"

On top of filming, editing, and releasing a couple of videos each week, Morello also spends a lot of time responding to emails, maintaining her social media accounts, and making public appearances. Being a YouTube celebrity is a full-time job, and one that keeps Morello on her feet!

No one else is allowed to do her makeup

It makes sense that someone who has built their entire career around makeup and beauty would be picky about how their own makeup is done. Morello is so particular about her makeup that she allows absolutely no one else to come near her with a makeup brush. The only way any cosmetics are applied to her face is if she is doing it herself.

"I always do it," she said in an interview with Kate Waterhouse. "I don't like how [other] people do my makeup. I am a makeup vlogger so it actually blows my mind when people suggest that I have a makeup artist. Because that's what I do and usually if they interview me, it's because they're interested in my makeup vlog and it's just funny that they think that I need a makeup artist."

She's super popular in the Middle East and loves doing Arabic looks

Morello is popular all over the world, with many of her followers hailing from the Middle East. "I love creating Arabic makeup looks," Morello told Beauty Haven. "I have a really big Middle Eastern following, Saudi Arabia is my third largest viewership, so I love tailoring looks to those areas. I also get such good feedback when I do that and it's great to connect with other women from different areas so definitely love doing Arabic looks!"

While she has created many make-up tutorials for Muslim women following her friend's request to create a makeup look for the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr, she's gotten some pushback for wearing a traditional headscarf in the videos. According to Morello, though, most Muslim women who have seen the videos appreciate her videos and have requested more. "The majority of criticism came from non-Muslim women," she told The Sydney Morning Herald.

She has a special packing technique to fit all her beauty products in her suitcase

Unsurprisingly, Morello has a lot of beauty products at home that take up a lot of shelf space. She gets sent a lot of beauty products in the mail, and sorts through them weekly. "I have a whole room just for my makeup and filming space," she told Moustache Magazine. "I have three big chests of drawers for it all and it just gets added, so when I'm filming or putting on makeup I just try to reach for something I haven't used before [or] in a while to make sure it all gets a go!"

Traveling with so much makeup naturally requires some clever maneuvering. "I have to evenly distribute the beauty products around the suitcase so it doesn't fall over!" she told BNKR. She does keep her purse a bit lighter, only opting for the essentials. She told Elle that she only carries lip balm, lip liner, foundation, concealer, mascara, and a product to plump her eyebrows in her purse.

She's open about having had cosmetic procedures

A lot of celebs flat-out deny having any cosmetic procedures done, but Morello is completely open about hers. There's a certain amount of stigma when it comes to undergoing such procedures, and Morello's openness is helping to change that. She has gotten Botox and talked about it on her YouTube channel. She even brought a camera along to her lip injection procedure so that her fans could have a front-row seat to her transformation.

Morello revealed in her blog that she had always been self-conscious about the thinness of her lips. "I adore full lips and have always hated that my own lips weren't beautiful and plump,' she said. "I have a naturally very full bottom lip, but my top lip was always very thin and 'flat'. I felt that I didn't look good with lip products on and often didn't even bother wearing lip products for this reason. It definitely got me down more than you would think."

Her secret to success on YouTube

Morello's success and fame have earned her a lot of followers, and many of them want to know how they can follow in her footsteps and find success on YouTube. "It's important to upload regularly and invest in good equipment," she told Beauty Haven. "It's hard though. I started out on a $99 camera and then worked my way up when I could afford it. But I definitely think I could have experienced faster growth in my channel if I had planned ahead and set it all up before even starting, so if you can do that; buy a camera, lighting, design a great website, etc., all before you begin, do it!"

If you're looking to make money as an influencer, stick to YouTube, especially at the beginning. Morello told The Sydney Morning Herald that she makes most of her money from YouTube, even though she's active on other social media platforms. "YouTube videos pay at least four times more than an Instagram post," she said.