How To Care For Your Skin Post-Brazilian Wax

For some of us, waxing is essential to maintain a sleek image, whether it's waxing your legs or your armpits. Brazilian waxing is a well-known waxing style for clearing up hair in the nether regions so that you can flaunt your bikini without looking like you just time traveled in from the '70s. Although waxing is a common way to remove unwanted body hair, not everyone is aware of how to nurture freshly waxed skin.

Waxing in essence involves the use of medium-tempered wax that cools upon the skin's surface and is pulled, removing the hair along with it. The process pulls hair follicles out from their roots, and the sticky wax exfoliates the skin each time it's pulled, resulting in smoother and newer skin. This new layer of skin is often sensitive and needs to be properly taken care of. In addition to this, Brazilian waxes are done around the bikini region which is also a sensitive part of the body. If you haven't been giving your fresh wax some good ol' loving aftercare, then you need to know how to prepare for your Brazilin wax.

Avoid sunlight and heat right after your Brazilian wax

When it comes to self-care, a lot of people don't go beyond getting their Brazilian wax job to actually pamper that area afterward. You have to keep in mind that when you get waxed, you're not just losing hair. Because wax is very adhesive, it tends to remove dead skin cells along with the hairs during the process, exfoliating the skin and uncovering newer skin underneath. Not adequately caring for your new, sensitive skin can cause irritation, rashes, and even infection.

You just got your wax and the first thing you want to do is snap on your bathing suit and race to the beach. This is definitely not something you want to do. According to Naked Cactus Beauty Bar, you need to shield your skin from the sun after a Brazilian wax. Refrain from direct sunlight or even heat for at least 24 hours. Waxes are warm when applied so the excess heat isn't good for you and can damage your skin. Also, heat causes sweat, which you need to steer clear of. Freshly waxed skin means having open wounds all over because of the exposed follicles as well as the exfoliation. Contact with unsterilized water or liquids like sweat can introduce bacteria into these wounds and cause infection.

Keep your bikini area clean, exfoliated, and moisturized

This one probably goes without saying, but you have to keep your waxed area clean and free of dirt and debris. This will also help to prevent infections from creeping in. This means keeping your hands — and other people's hands — off your skin until you've healed properly. This also entails checking to make sure the spa or facility you're getting the wax at is exceptionally clean. If you're not sure, pull a Santa Claus and check it twice!

Per Naked Cactus Beauty Bar, exfoliation is needed to maintain healthy skin, but since you just got waxed, you can leave it off for about three to four days while your skin is still healing. However, once your waxed area ceases to be all red and sensitive, get right back to it. Exfoliating your waxed skin will make sure your incoming hairs have a clean environment to grow in. Not cleaning up dead skin cells could lead to ingrown hairs – an experience you do not want to have. After cleaning your waxed area, be sure to use moisturizer to keep it soft and lubricated.

Following these tips on how to keep your Brazilian wax fresh and clean will definitely leave you feeling like a first class baddie.