What Causes Yellow Circles Under Your Eyes?

Maybe it's been a stressful week, maybe you've consumed tons of salty foods, or maybe you had a couple of nights of tossing and turning ‚ÄĒ regardless, the mirror reveals puffy eyes with dark circles underneath. A yellowish color is present with the dark circles. You may wonder if there's something else going on besides the exhaustion that's causing the color to occur.

Over one-third of American adults do not get proper sleep, meaning dark circles are a common sight. For an individual, lack of sleep can result in a myriad of dysfunctions ranging from irritability to cardiovascular diseases, it's also one of the main reasons dark circles appear under the eyes. However, poor sleep isn't the only cause of dark circles under your eyes. It definitely contributes to, and even exacerbates them, but a variety of factors can lead to dark circles with undertones of yellow, brown, purple, or blue.


Luckily, yellow-toned circles under your eyes usually are not a cause of medical concern. However, if you have swelling, itching, or redness in or around the eye, then you should seek out a doctor because there could be something of concern. Otherwise, dark circles with yellow undertones are typically a result of genetics, dermatitis, allergies, hormones, water retention, aging, poor circulation, overexposure to sunlight, higher salt consumption, or, understandably so, lack of sleep.

In general, people with darker skin are more likely to experience it due to genetics. The elderly are also more inclined to get dark circles under their eyes. Pinpointing the reason you're experiencing the yellow-toned, dark circles under your eyes can help you better address the issue and correct it. Solutions vary from lifestyle changes to different ointments and skin care products. A combination of the two brings about the best results. Once you're able to address the matter, you can welcome clear skin and bright eyes.


One of the main ways to get rid of the dark circles is by getting a restful night of sleep. SingleCare recommends that adults between 18 and 64 should get between seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Using extra pillows to lift your head can help stop fluid from reaching your under eyes, resulting in less puffiness when you wake up in the morning. Additionally, you can use cucumbers, frozen tea bags, or a cold compress to help prevent puffiness and help with getting rid of dark circles. Cutting back on salty foods, using concealer, and switching to water-based makeup are also potential solutions. Reducing alcohol intake, avoiding tobacco products, and regularly applying sunscreen are also ways to avoid dark circles.

Sometimes, the natural ways of reducing yellow dark circles aren't enough. If they don't work, you still have options. Laser therapy, topical creams containing vitamin C, tissue fillers, eyelid surgery, or chemical peels can all help erase yellow dark circles under your eyes.