Vibrational Beauticians: How Aura Readings Can Change Your Look

Figuring out which hairstyle and color best fits you can be a long journey. There's no better feeling than finding a look that complements your features, and no worse than realizing your hairstyle of choice was a mistake. Your hair says a lot about you, so ensuring it aligns with your personal style and personality at large can give your confidence a boost when your appearance matches your energy.

Vibrational beauticians understand this on a level that goes deeper than aesthetics. They work to understand you better so that your authentic self is best represented in your appearance. In addition to speaking with you, they often take your aura, astrological sign, and personality into consideration when helping you decide on a color and style. They ask questions and might even do a tarot reading to get a deeper understanding of you. The aura is especially important in the process because the colors you choose give off a certain energy that impacts how people perceive you.

Understanding auras

"When we change the way we look, we send a different vibrational message to those around us," vibrational beautician and hairstylist Roxie Darling said in a TikTok. Vibrational messages are the central focus for vibrational beauticians. Understanding a client's energy and bringing it to light in their appearance is their main job. To accomplish this, they carefully consider their client's aura.

An aura is the electromagnetic field around someone; essentially, it's an energy they radiate. Different colors give off different energies, and different shades mean different things. Figuring out what your aura means requires paying attention to both color and shade. For example, a pink aura shows that a person is gentle and romantic, a yellow aura shows that a person is optimistic and smart, a red aura shows that a person is strong and confident, and a blue aura shows that a person is empathetic and caring. A dark pink indicates that a person is neglecting their spiritual needs while a bright pink indicates that a person is nurturing and intuitive. While auras can fluctuate depending on mood, most people have an aura that sticks with them. Understanding your aura's dominant color helps the vibrational beautician style accordingly to create a look that showcases an authentic version of you.

Appearance and confidence

A survey by Opinion Matters found that for 68% of the women they surveyed, a bad hair day had shaken their confidence and negatively impacted their work performance. This survey underscores the correlation between confidence and hair. Vibrational beauticians recognize this and work accordingly. On her website, Roxie Darling said that she recognizes and honors the sensitivities people have with their appearances. Rather than just letting the client randomly choose a style and hope for the best, she works with them with intention and creativity, helping them to find a look that suits them and their personality.

"My joy is in helping people find a look that feels great for them. I've always been pretty spiritual and into color as a healing modality," Darling told Coveteur. "It's clear how it affects people and affects their energy. [Hair color] affects how people receive my clients and how they affect other people."

Next time you find yourself heading to a salon, maybe do a little bit of research. Figure out your aura and select a style accordingly. For best results, consider checking out a vibrational beautician.