Hallmark Star Jake Foy's Engagement Announcement Is Filled With Romance

In 2023, Jake Foy appeared in the Hallmark Original Series, "Ride." The show surrounds the complicated drama behind the McMurray family's life in rural Colorado. Foy stars as Tuff McMurray, an integral part of the bull-riding, ranch-owning Western family. 

Born and raised in Niagra Falls, Canada, in 1990, Foy has spent his life immersed in the performing arts. By the time Foy was 19, he was a contracted actor with the mega-hit, iconic Disney movie "High School Musical." Following his first time role, Foy enrolled in the renowned Music Theatre Performance Program at Sheridan College. 

Foy has had a long, enduring career in the performing arts and film industry. Some of his most-known performances include his part on The CW as King James in "Reign" and his lead role in the short film "Ariel Unraveling." Additionally, Foy is just as talented behind the screen as he is on screen as he is off-screen a producer and screenwriter. Not only has he had an extremely successful professional life, but, it turns out, he's had quite a bit of success personally.  On May 8, 2023, Foy proposed to his now fiance, Nicolas La Traverse. 

Jake Foy and Nicolas La Traverse are filled with love for one another

You would think with all of his career success, Jake Foy would barely have any time for a relationship. But, clearly, this is not the case. On May 17, Foy posted on his Instagram a beautiful series of photos capturing the moment he proposed. In the pictures, you can see Foy getting down on one knee alongside photos of the two embracing. All of these candid, heart-warming moments are set with the stunning backdrop of Two Jack Lake. It's evident the two share a deep connection and an enormous amount of love.

His fiance, Nicolas La Traverse, is also a successful head in the film and media industry. In fact, he has worked as a producer on projects "The Next BIG Thing" and "Before They Were Them,"  musicals created by Foy. The two are a power couple and very supportive of one another. In an adorably nostalgic post, La Traverse shared a photo with Foy on his Instagram, writing in the caption, "Proud of you. Proud of us. And, I can't wait for all the future has to bring ♥️ je t'aime xx."

We couldn't be happier for the couple. Now we just hope that the couple chooses documentary-style wedding photography. It requires a lot of trust, but the end result is so worth it –a.k.a. we get to live vicariously through their romantic, fairy tale story.