Skin Treatments That Are Safe And Inclusive For Darker Skin Tones

Skin treatments are those oddly satisfying tricks to get perfect skin, but they weren't always made with melanated people in mind. Many minimally invasive procedures like fillers, lasers, and microneedling pose greater risks for those with darker skin. However, that norm is slowly becoming taboo.

Dermatologist Ava Shamban shared with Allure, "[O]ver the past 15 years, I have seen more people of color engaged in the testing processes, clinical trial research, and post-approval market testing." It is essential products are thoroughly vetted so consumers can know how they will be affected, no matter the richness of their complexion.

The increased research and change in the industry will allow people with darker skin tones to forgo worries of extreme scarring, permanent discoloration, and skin burning. It's about time. Not only are skin treatments a form of self-care, but they also deliver more prominent results than standard skincare. So, if you were born with a natural tan, check out these procedures that are safe and inclusive.

Laser treatments that don't discriminate

Those with deep complexions have been warned to stay away from laser treatments since dark skin is susceptible to heat-induced trauma. The energy produced by the lasers can worsen skin issues and cause permanent damage, the opposite of what a skin treatment should be. Dermatologist Jason Emer told AEDIT, "All ablative lasers, anything that's delivering a lot of inflammation into the skin, should be avoided." However, now there are non-ablative lasers that let everyone enjoy the benefits of this treatment.

AviClear is a non-ablative laser remedy specifically designed to treat acne and is safe for melanin-rich skin. Common acne-fighting lasers use thermal or light energy to trigger collagen production or eliminate high-pigmented areas which can injure dark skin. Instead, AviClear lasers work under the skin's top layer to clear the oil clogging sebaceous glands that cause acne. Your glands absorb the waves, not your skin, making it great for any complexion.

Clear + Brilliant is a non-ablative skin resurfacing laser that tackles texture and signs of aging. It does so by aiming its waves at the water in the skin and not the pigment. Dr. Emer approves of this laser to combat skin issues like acne and hyperpigmentation. This treatment uses low energy across multiple sessions that is safe for dark skin. These lasers don't use your pigment against you, and the same is true for these microneedling procedures.

Microneedling with radiofrequency is safe for melanin-rich skin

Before you try microneedling, you should know not every procedure is the same. Traditional needling creates microaggressions in the skin to eliminate scarring and stimulate new skin growth. When this process is paired with high-intensity energy, it can boost its effectiveness.

Microneedling with radiofrequency does not use wavelengths that target the skin's melanin, unlike alternative energy-based needling. Vivace Ultra uses radiofrequency technology with ultrasounds to visually map your skin, creating a personalized treatment. This melanin-friendly procedure helps boost your collagen production over time for tight and supple skin, while results are immediate for evening skin's tone and texture.

Secret RF is a microneedling pen that uses radiofrequency to treat skin issues like sun damage, large pores, and scarring. It delivers results similar to a traditional laser without the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation for darker skin tones. Like the Vivace Ultra, the energy used is penetrated beneath the skin's surface to improve its appearance without disrupting the epidermis. So regardless if your melanin bank is full, there are safe skin treatments you can try to meet your skincare goals.