Are 90 Day Fiancé Stars Juan And Jessica Still Together?

Let's be real: Nothing quite satisfies our inner glutton for juicy drama more than watching reality dating shows. When budding romance, rolling cameras, and forced encounters get involved, things can quickly become chaotic. When it comes to being a connoisseur of both cute couples and hilarious memes (looking at you Ed and Danielle), TLC's "90 Day Fiancé" reigns supreme. It's in our list of ranked reality dating franchises for good reason. The show drops curious audiences into the blossoming love lives of often over-the-top individuals, getting us all invested in seeing which couples make it to the end and which couples were destined for failure. Plus, we always love watching the contestants spill the tea during the tell-all after-show.


The spinoff of the hit show — "Love in Paradise" — introduced us to fan-favorite couple Juan David Daza and Jessica Parsons. Juan and Jessica had their own issues to overcome, including some differences over how to raise Jessica's children, but we're happy to announce the couple is still together. They also have some exciting news to share.

They are still together (and adorable as ever)

In "90 Day Fiancé," one of the biggest dealbreakers for Jessica Parsons with her new boo Juan Daza was him not getting along with her two young sons. As their new stepfather, if Juan didn't click with Jessica's sons, it just wasn't meant to be. Thankfully, all that worrying was for nothing. After visiting Juan's home in Colombia with her sons along for the ride, it was clear they could make it work.


The couple is still together and happy as ever, as confirmed by this Instagram post on Jessica's account. The caption reads, "Our wedding will have both swing dancing AND salsa dancing and I can't wait for the best of both worlds." The post shows Juan and Jessica busting a move in their living room and having a blast together. It's a short clip, but it's guaranteed to make fans smile.

Speaking of wedding bells, Jessica confirmed in the comments of the post that the wedding will most likely take place in the fall. "Waiting for immigration and then it'll be our big day!" she wrote.

There's a baby on the way

At the beginning of the year, Juan and fiancé Jessica shared a beautiful photo on Instagram of them standing knee-deep in the blue-green ocean with a gorgeous beach as their backdrop. Jessica — who is wearing an elegant white summer dress — is caressing a sizable baby bump, and Juan is standing behind her, placing his hands gently atop her belly.


It looks like Juan's about to get even more practice at being a dad. That's right — the "90 Day Fiancé" stars are expecting "baby Daza Londoño." This will be their first child together, and the couple couldn't be any more excited. More photos in the post reveal ultrasound images and a happy Juan kissing his soon-to-be wife's baby bump.

The post's caption says the baby's arrival date is early June. The family of four seems to have adjusted well to living together, so we're excited to see how they handle having a newborn added to the mix. It looks like the next episodes of "Love in Paradise" are going to have a lot in store for all of us viewers.