What Are The Best Dating Apps If You're Looking For A Polyamorous Relationship?

One dating type that has become popular in recent years is polyamorous — or ethically non-monogamous —relationships. Typically, these partnerships allow lovers to explore other people both romantically and sexually while still being together. While it may appear to mimic cheating, everyone's involvement and acceptance of the situation is the most significant difference. This type of setup is certainly not for everyone. In fact, sexologist Yvonne Fulbright explained to CNN that to some monogamous couples and partners, even discussing the idea of transitioning to polyamory can "feel threatening." However, despite what many believe, polyamorous relationships are vastly different from open relationships, which focus primarily on sex with outside partners.


For those looking for a little poly love out of the gate, it can be a gratifying experience. But how does one seek out these connections with fellow polyamorous potentials? Well, as with many dating efforts, the answer lies online. Dating sites have become more open to the idea, with some apps specifically geared towards multi-person relationships. For this reason, we've compiled a list of online hot spots to seek out your next polyamorous relationship.


Established in 2014, Feeld touts itself as a dating app "for the open–minded to meet like–minded." The sole purpose of this app is to connect with people open to alternative relationships and sexualities, including poly romance, swingers, and a variety of kinks. The best part of this platform is that it encourages users to be their most authentic selves — there is no need to disguise exactly what is being sought.


For this reason, users have flocked to the app, praising it for its welcoming sense of community. One review left in January 2022 on the Apple app store called Feeld "better than most apps ... There's more space here for different loving, and if you fall under that umbrella, it's really refreshing." Another user commented in February 2022, pointing out their appreciation for the "broad gender and sexuality categories." With a 4.4 rating in the app store, it's clear that Feeld has attracted people from all walks of life seeking their online tribe.


Established in 2003, BiCupid has 20 years of experience matching bi-identified singles with their forever loves. What makes BiCupid so unique is that it has created a community for a particular corner of polyamory. While anyone is free to use the app, bi-identified couples are encouraged to come here when searching for a third partner. Even for those not yet in a non-monogamous union, this app offers a sense of comfort without judgment. Users can expect every other person on the app to be at least bi-curious. However, if a bi-identified polyamorous situation is a goal, singles should put effort into couples who directly state this.


BiCupid has grown so much in popularity that it has made several lists of best dating apps geared towards bi-identifying people. With nearly 2.5 million users as of May 2023, BiCupid allows you to register quickly, linking your account to your Facebook profile. This is helpful, as it cuts down on having to remember yet another password for another app. The only downside is that the free version tends to be a bit limited. 


Launched in 2015, 3Fun has the perfect name, as it's designed for just that. As of May 2023, the app has attracted over 10 million downloads and 3 million users — all of which are in a relationship and seeking an extra person, or singles looking for a loving couple. One unique component that 3Fun members enjoy is the app's emphasis on privacy and anti-catfishing. 3Fun blocks screenshotting, so users can rest assured that no one is stealing their photos or trying to out them by taking pictures of their conversations. To make the most out of this experience, 3Fun allows couples to link their individual accounts so they can share potential partners with one another, creating a virtual three-way relationship of sorts.


Sadly, 3Fun was recently the victim of an attempted trademark infringement extortion plot. This incident has led to 3Fun being temporarily removed from the iOS App Store, which led to the loss of many users. However, it appears the app is still accessible through the Google Play Store for Androids for poly-seekers to enjoy.


#Open boasts a community of inclusivity. This app is a great way to find a polyamorous couple or single of any identity. Similar to 3Fun, poly couples can create joint or solo profiles — the latter is great for allowing potential matches to get to know each person separately. Having been around since 2016, #Open is run similarly to a social media app and allows users to utilize hashtags in their profiles when listing preferences, kinks, and pretty much every other detail about themselves. Another cool aspect is its emphasis on meet and greets: #Open lists virtual and in-person community events where poly daters can mix and mingle.


#Open is completely free. It does not offer any subscription tiers. However, this may not always be the best thing. With anyone able to access the app, be prepared to receive some spam messages and even fake profiles from time to time. This may raise red flags for those actually seeking meaningful connections.

Fantasy Match

Fantasy Match's entire mission is to spread the joys of non-monogamous lifestyles. Similar to the Hinge prompts, this app offers conversation-starter decks that help users get to know each other better. Though fairly new, having only been launched in 2020, Fantasy Match has much to offer anyone seeking a polyamorous partnership. It allows couples 21 and up to create "rooms" to get to know potential new partners. They also focus heavily on consent — sending any nude photos is prohibited. Additionally, Fantasy Match strongly disagrees with being overly persistent when a person or people have made it clear they are not interested. This is listed in the company's policy.


Not only can non-monogamous relationships be fun, but they can also work wonders for self-growth, as pointed out by sex therapist Madelyn Esposito.

"This self-growth can deepen understanding and desire for your primary partner as you have the space to explore yourself and your own sexual needs outside of relational confines," she stated to CNN.