Embrace The Beach All Summer Long With The Lagoon Mani

We only have a little over a month before summer's arrival, so if you've been daydreaming about laying on the beach or splashing into a pool during work hours, you're not the only one. But, before you start planning your swimwear looks, you might want to think about your next dazzling manicure — the lagoon mani. We know there will be nail polish colors that are always in style, like navy, but what gives them a unique personality are the designs you choose to wear with them. So, instead of focusing on a magenta manicure to brighten up your mood, try being inspired by the color of the ocean at your favorite beach.

The ocean's surface can appear to be various shades of blue, from aqua to turquoise. This is what makes it a great source of inspiration for your summer nails, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun. If you're ready to dip your toes into the lagoon mani that'll have you ready for vacation, then there are plenty of gorgeous paint jobs to draw inspo from.

The deep blue sea nails where butterflies visit

Ombré nails aren't new by any means, but it seems there are endless ways they can be worn. For the above nail set, the gradation is coupled with iridescent butterflies that are encapsulated on each nail. This shade of blue is reminiscent of one of the shades of the Pacific Ocean. The fading ombré allows the butterflies to glisten, which also feels reminiscent of a warm summer night. Granted, butterflies aren't usually associated with ocean life, but this set shows that you can pay homage to it while letting your nails have their own personality.

Wear nails that mimic sunlight on the ocean's surface

Even though the nail technician created the above nails for Christmas, they double as a manicure that can be worn to celebrate the summer solstice. Hailed as the first day of summer in June, the summer solstice brings the promise of outdoor activities, like water sports, and nails that have a bit of carefree, glitzy energy to them. This manicure features encapsulated glitter that mimics the way the ocean's surface seems to glimmer when the sun is shining. 

Surf's up with this glossy crocodile print manicure

Glossy nails are irresistible when they're paired with the popularized crocodile print, and this demonstrates that you don't have to wear acrylic tips in order to have a stylish manicure. The reason this short and sweet manicure works so well is because the crocodile print adds dimension to each nail. Due to the nature of it, the lines don't have to be 100% symmetrical. And this particular color combo obviously looks downright oceanic, so the hues in addition to the aquatic animal print makes a perfect lagoon manicure. 

A breezy palm tree manicure that's just right for vacation

Palm trees near the beach is a quintessentially summer vacation vibe, which is why this set is worth screenshotting. The sky blue and peach nail colors create a sandy beach backdrop for the hand-drawn palm trees to dazzle those who happen to notice your nails. Also, the white lines that are painted near the 'sand' mimic how the waves seem to become calmer in the shallow shoreline of the ocean. Admittedly, it may take some time for your nail tech to draw each palm tree, but the end result will make this manicure well worth the wait. 

Lounge by the pool with 3D pearls and blue swirls

This set reminds us of that episode of "Spongebob Squarepants" when Spongebob and Patrick mistakenly stumble across a valuable pearl. At first glance, this manicure seems simple because it doesn't feature difficult designs, but the position of each pearl makes this manicure more striking. Pearls are gems found deep in the ocean thanks to oysters, so adding them to your manicure means you get to walk around with the ocean's jewels on your nails. That makes this lagoon mani worth sharing with your nail tech.

Give a nod to sea life with these ocean inspired nails

Taking things up a notch, these acrylic nails are showstoppers. Although the blue nail polish used isn't flashy, the royal blue rhinestones provide a rich burst of color to grab your attention. Unlike the manicure that featured hand drawn palm trees, this acrylic set uses textured baubles that also appear to be encapsulated. 

What's cool about the design on the ring finger is that it features a few translucent jellyfish who look like they're leaving behind trails of bubbles in the water. Also, the gold starfish are on par with the overall theme of the nails. They add the right amount of boldness without overthrowing the appearance of the manicure.

The dreamy sky blue nails that'll make you float

Outside of the light blue nail polish used as a base for this manicure, it's not really inspired by an ocean or pool. It does, however, paint a picture of what a beautiful summer sky can look like. Clear skies are always welcomed and appreciated when you're laying on the beach or by the pool, but the days when you can see the blue sky and white, fluffy clouds are remarkable as well. This manicure has one goal, to remind you to slow down and look up at nature's ceiling while you're outside.

When sea life meets your summer manicure

This manicure takes the lagoon mani and truly brings it to life. From the drawings of sea life to the recreated waves, it's a sight to behold. We love the personal touch the manicurist added of the turtle headed toward the beach on the pointer finger as well as the designs on its shell. It's just one example of how these nails really honor the idea of a lagoon mani. Furthermore, the natural color of your nail can peek through to create a more realistic version of sand.

Bring undersea treasure to you with this glitter manicure

There are times when hand drawn art, rhinestones, and encapsulated baubles just aren't interesting enough. Maybe you prefer something that's snazzy without worrying about whether your nails will cause your favorite shirt to snag. If that's the case, this manicure will give you what you're looking for and then some. 

The distinct sizes of encapsulated glitter create a mismatched ombre effect that rivals the crystals found in sand. Better yet, this manicure is similar to a pool's surface when the sun is reflecting off it on a hot, humid day. 

Simple blue poolside jelly nails for swim days

The previous manicures may require a trip to a nail salon, but not this one. Jelly nails are a simple but pointed way of nodding to the summer sea. 

If you don't want to wear acrylic nails or you don't own a blue jelly polish, you can create your own version of jelly nail polish at home. All you need to do is mix one to two drops of your favorite blue nail polish with clear nail polish (one you don't mind using) and voila! Once you begin painting your nails, you'll create the transparency that gives jelly nails their name.