Renovation 911's Lindsey Brinkman Uselding Proves Her Style Expertise Isn't Limited To Home Design

When you think of reality TV, you probably envision catfights, backbiting, and drama. Very few reality shows on television today have the ability to truly move you, even sometimes to tears. HGTV is filled with reality TV shows, but they tend to be more heartwarming rather than brutal. "Renovation 911" is one of those shows that not only brings that warm feeling to your heart, but also brings real change to people's lives. The show centers around refurbishing disaster-ridden houses for people who recently suffered accidents to their homes. The hosts, Lindsey Brinkman Uselding and Kirsten Meehan, are experts in home repair and construction and also happen to be a powerhouse sibling team.

The sister duo has brought joy to many families who had nowhere else to turn to in their time of need and transformed their houses and lives for the better. However, while Uselding is the girl to call for your restoration needs, she is letting everyone know that she is more than just a handyman around the home. One of her Instagram posts proves that there's more to her styling skills than meets the eye.

Lindsey also happens to be a fashion enthusiast

Lindsey Brinkman Uselding has a plethora of successful house restorations under her belt. Although her resume is already extensive with home construction and design, the "Renovation 911" star is adding fashion stylist to the list with her post on the 'gram.

She took to social media to upload the nine gorgeous outfits she's sported during the entire first season of the HGTV original. In her caption, she reminded everyone that while she wields the power of wall and roof transformation, styling clothes is still one of her favorite abilities, and she does it well. "You know I love fashion and style," she wrote. "It's been so fun looking back at all of the different looks throughout the season."

Then again, are we really surprised that someone who could turn a house ravaged by fire and lightning into an even more deluxe dream home can also tackle her wardrobe? Nope, we're not.

The sisters are also experts at supporting grief-stricken families

Throwing together a pretty ensemble really seems to be just another notch on Lindsey Brinkman Uselding's skill belt, as she and her sister are also amazing at providing psychological care and support. True fans know that with "Renovation 911," she and sister Kirsten Meehan have already started cementing their names on the pavement of wholesome reality TV. While the show isn't devoid of its own drama, the sisters manage to draw us all in with the amount of aid that they offer to the homeowners.

Speaking to Star Tribune, Uselding made it clear that fixing houses is just one part of what they do. Their other main job is making sure they connect to their clients and nurture them after such devastating natural tragedies tear their homes apart. She said: "When our clients fall, they need help, and being there for them in a time of need and helping them through the emergencies they are experiencing in their home is rewarding."

According to Uselding, as far as being a support system goes, she believes laughter is the best medicine in a time of grief. "I try to show compassion, empathy, and a little humor to help them get through those difficult situations."

With such great personalities, it's no wonder Uselding and Meehan have built such great houses and restored bright smiles on the faces of all of their clients.