12 Times Kate Middleton And Her Mom Were Fashion Look-Alikes

When Prince William married then-Kate Middleton in 2011, all eyes were on her and the royal fashion she would bring. Getting her start as a working member of the firm, Kate sported affordable streetwear labels like TopShop in her early days, striking the balance between senior royal and relatable wife and mom. However, as time went on and Kate's profile within the family continued to rise, the duchess was seen wearing more and more designer labels, honing in on a classic silhouette, and giving fashion blogs a run for their money.

Kate's fashion arguably took yet another step up after Meghan Markle came onto the scene. "Podcast Royal" host Rachel Burchfield discussed just how the Duchess of Sussex prompted Kate to reevaluate her fashion, noting, "In 2018, and a lot of people will say this, Meghan was coming into the fold so Kate felt the need to step her game up because Meghan has great style too." A number of copycat outfits later, Kate — now Princess Catherine of Wales – has embraced a more polished and professional style, incorporating pantsuits, monochrome ensembles, vintage fashion, and sought-after designer labels into her wardrobe.

Someone who has always taken notice of what Catherine wears is none other than her mom, Carole Middleton, who has taken plays from the princess's fashion book on more than one occasion. In fact, there have been many times when the mother-daughter duo have sported the exact same look, and we're here to break it all down.

Carole took a page from Kate's book during Charles' coronation

All eyes were on the royals during King Charles III's coronation in May 2023, and for the big event, Carole Middleton took a cue from her daughter, Princess Catherine. Carole wore a gorgeous royal blue coat dress, which fit her figure perfectly. She paired the look with a blue headband that had an extra bit of height, giving off the illusion of a headdress rather than a simple band across the hair, and topped off her ensemble with a diamond necklace and coordinated earrings. Stepping out at Westminster Abbey, Carole looked the perfect part for the day (via Metro).

Of course, royal watchers were quick to note that Carole's decision to wear a coat dress was no doubt a nod to Catherine. The color Carole chose for coronation day bore a striking resemblance to the coat dress that Catherine chose for 2023's royal Easter service at St. George's Chapel just a few weeks earlier. The Catherine Walker coat dress she chose for the occasion has been a staple in her wardrobe, since she donned it for the Commonwealth Service the year prior (via Harper's Bazaar). The eye-grabbing blue tone of the coat dress and the signature hair piece certainly seemed to influence Carole's coronation day choice, and we simply can't blame her for wanting to replicate such an iconic look.

Carole mimicked Kate's royal variety outfit in 2014

Though the coronation and Easter service example is fairly recent as of publication, Carole Middleton has been looking to her daughter, Princess Catherine, for style inspiration for years. Back in 2014, both Catherine and Carole stepped out at the Royal Variety Performance event, and royal watchers had to do a double take given how similar their dresses were for the occasion (per the Daily Mail).

Starting with Carole, the mom of three wore a black dress that skimmed the bottom of her knees in length. The slip was perfectly placed underneath black lace that took the form of a three-quarter length sleeve, and the businesswoman paired the look with a fun pair of strappy silver heels and a clutch. Her auburn hair was styled in a side part — oh, the 2010s — and she adorned the night's ensemble with a pair of drop down earrings and a coordinated necklace. Meanwhile, Catherine looked stunning in what can only be described as a full-length version of her mother's dress. The Diane von Furstenberg dress featured similar three-quarter length sleeves in black lace, and the parallels between the two looks extended to the neckline and the fit of the bodice. Unlike her mother, however, Catherine wore her hair up in a low knot and paired the look with larger earrings and no necklace.

Kate and Carole wore a strikingly similar hat to stay warm

If there is one thing everyone knows about the United Kingdom, it's that it's cold. We're not entirely sure how Princess Catherine always looks so put together given that it rains in Britain most of the year, but she does have her tactics when it comes to staying warm. 

Enter the fur hat. Since the early aughts, Catherine has been spotted in cozy fur headdresses that extend past her ears, no doubt keeping the heat in on a cold winter day. She was seen wearing one while stepping out at the Cheltenham races in 2006, and again once she became a royal in 2011. While on a 2018 trip to Scandinavia — Catherine was 36 and pregnant at the time — she relied on a variety of fur hats (specifically alpaca) to keep the warmth in (via the Daily Mail). Her choice in particular was a hat from Lacorine that retails for about $280, and the brand specifically uses fur from alpacas who are not sourced for their pelts specifically, but who die naturally.

Taking a cue from her daughter, Carole Middleton has been seen in similar fur hat styles, sporting one while attending the Church of St. Mary Magdalene's Sunday service in January 2020. The yearly service held on the Sandringham estate is a perfect way to get a glimpse of the royals, and Carole definitely harnessed her daughter's look for the occasion.

Stripes brought the mom and daughter together for these cute looks

There's nothing that royal fashion watchers love more than a casual Princess Catherine, and her day-to-day looks never disappoint. Specifically, she's made the classic striped t-shirt a staple in her casual wardrobe, making the Breton stripy top her go-to. Stepping out in 2022 with the British sailing crew for a SailGP event, Catherine embraced her nautical spirit and wore a blue and white striped Breton pullover for the occasion (via Hello! Magazine). She elevated the look with a pair of high-waisted white shorts — yes, shorts! — that featured bold gold buttons, yet toned it down once again by wearing sneakers. She hit the mark between casual and royal perfectly, and wearing one of her Breton striped tops was a great choice for the boating event.

Hello! Magazine noted that Catherine has not one, but three Breton striped tops in her wardrobe, and her mom, Carole Middleton, has certainly taken notice. While joining Catherine and her granddaughter, Princess Charlotte, at the King's Cup Regatta, Carole was seen in — you guessed it — a white and blue striped Breton shirt (per Hello! Magazine). She paired the look with an equally nautical vibe, opting for a pair of dark blue pants that matched the blue in the top perfectly. Carole was definitely on grandmother duty during the outing — Charlotte was giving photographers a show — but we couldn't help but notice the fashion similarities.

Carole looked to Kate for inspiration for her 2021 Royal Ascot look

As a working royal, Princess Catherine has done something that not many have: She has reworn pieces of her wardrobe on different occasions, bringing a sense of modernity to her curated looks. Traveling to Scotland in May 2021, Catherine stepped out during the royal tour in a beautiful pink dress from label ME+EM (per Town & Country). The dress features long sleeves with delicate buttons, an ombre-inspired design that travels from the core of the dress outward, and a coordinated belt. For her first appearance in the dress, Catherine did decide to wear a Boden belt rather than the look's original waist tie, and unsurprisingly, she looked lovely.

Carole Middleton didn't seem to have any qualms about copying her daughter to a tee because in 2022, she wore the exact same dress to the Royal Ascot, deciding to keep the dress's original belt. It's likely that the pair didn't share the same dress given their different sizes, but that Carole purchased the specific design. Either way, the parallel between mother and daughter was incredibly clear.

Catherine certainly doesn't seem to mind that her mother was spotted in the same ME+EM dress that is in her closet, because she wore it again in 2023 while attending the Royal Chelsea Flower Show (per Town & Country).

The mother and daughter looked almost identical in this pale pink choice

When it comes to Princess Catherine's wardrobe color palette, the senior member of the firm knows that pastels will always serve her well. Her rich auburn hair and striking features allow pastel wardrobe pieces to complement her perfectly, and Carole Middleton has definitely picked up on the trend, too. 

Back in 2013, Catherine looked lovely while attending Trooping the Colour, a prime opportunity to see the royals in public. Pregnant with her first child, Prince George, at the time, Catherine opted for a baby pink dress and coordinated headpiece; to say that she was glowing is an understatement (via People).

Carole may have picked up on just how complementary the baby pink dress was to Catherine's skin tone, hair color, and overall appearance, because she stepped out in an almost identical look for Pippa Middleton's wedding in 2017. Starting from the head and working down, Carole wore a beautiful fascinator and kept her makeup natural and pinky in undertones. With all eyes on the royals in attendance, the mom of three wore a light pink coat dress with prominent buttons, a coordinated bag from Natasha, and Emmy London Olivia nude heels (via Hello! Magazine). Walking up to the church on the arm of her son, James Middleton, Carole looked like the perfect mother of the bride — and definitely took a cue from Catherine in the process.

Kate took a play from Carole when it came to this pattern choice

We've focused quite a bit on Carole Middleton looking to daughter Princess Catherine for fashion inspiration, but sometimes the royal has turned to her mom. Back in 2014, Carole stepped out at Wimbledon and looked lovely in a white and red patterned dress. The ensemble featured three-quarter length sleeves and a fitted bodice, and Carole topped off the look with a pair of yellow strappy heels, a nude bag, and a pair of sunglasses (via Town & Country).

Years later, Catherine embraced the same pattern that her mom sported, wearing a gorgeous red and white coat featuring the same delicate houndstooth pattern in both 2018 and 2023. Stepping out at the England vs. Wales Six Nations rugby game in Wales, Catherine looked lovely in the bold attire, pairing the coat with black tights, black bootie heels, and a black turtleneck. Though their looks were for completely different seasons, the similarities between mother and daughter were apparent.

What makes this look of Catherine's even more special is that the late Diana Spencer was also a fan of the houndstooth pattern. She wore a strikingly similar look to Catherine's all the way back in 1990, and again sported the pattern in 1991 (via Page Six). Paying homage to both her mom and Diana was a sweet move on Catherine's part.

Carole incorporated one of Kate's staples for this look

Given that the weather in Great Britain is pretty much guaranteed to be cold on a regular basis, Princess Catherine has incorporated some stellar coats into her wardrobe. A staple is the pea coat. Worn in camel, maroon, and other neutral hues, Catherine seems to have an army of coats at her disposal and is ready to bust one out on any occasion. Her mother, Carole Middleton, has certainly gotten the hint about this incredible wardrobe constant and has been seen sporting pea coats in very similar silhouettes to those worn by her eldest daughter on a regular basis.

Namely, Carole sported a lovely maroon pea coat with double-breasted buttons while attending the "Together at Christmas" community event hosted by Catherine in 2021. Aside from the shape of the coat being reminiscent of Catherine's go-to look, the incorporation of the coat into an event hosted by the Duchess of Cambridge did not go unnoticed.

Meanwhile, Catherine has continued to wear pea coats while out and about. More recently, in January 2023, the Princess of Wales wore a camel pea coat from designer Massimo Dutti, which is a partner brand of streetwear line — and past favorite of Catherine's — Zara (per Who What Wear). While attending an event at a Luton-based nursery, Catherine looked lovely in the camel coat, sporting a bright orange Gabriela Hearst ensemble underneath for a pop of color.

Kate and Carole looked so similar with these choices

All eyes are on the royals when they travel internationally, and everyone was paying attention to what Princess Catherine wore when she and Prince William made their way down under in 2014. Stopping in Sydney, Australia, the couple stepped out at the Royal Easter Show and took in the sights.

While walking around the art exhibitions, taking in the music, and representing the monarchy in the process, Catherine looked lovely in a white embroidered dress. The icing on the cake was that the ensemble was from a brand called Zimmerman, which calls Australia home (per What Kate Wore). The knee-length dress featured three-quarter sleeves, delicately looped embroidery, and a fitted waistline. The duchess broke one of the late Queen Elizabeth II's fashion rules and wore wedge heels for the occasion, looking appropriately casual for her stroll.

Four years later, in 2018, Carole Middleton took a page from her daughter's fashion book and stepped out in an incredibly similar white, knee-length dress. Taking in the tennis matches at Wimbledon alongside her husband, Carole looked lovely in her take on the white dress, which also featured three-quarter length sleeves, a knee-high length, and a highlighted waist. She also paired her ensemble with wedge heels and a simple leather bag (via Express).

Carole loved this look of Kate's so much that she bought it herself

When Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011, the Middleton family's profile went up drastically. Though they were established business owners and wealthy to boot, they received a spotlight upon their eldest daughter's wedding like never before, and Carole Middleton found herself the subject of press attention. In 2012, she was photographed alongside her family in a stunning red dress that featured a swooping neckline, and in 2018, she sat with The Telegraph for a profile about familial connectivity, revealing, "My biggest fear was that I'd lose my family, but we've stayed close." Though her take on her family's bond was touching, royal watchers couldn't help but notice her familiar red attire for the photoshoot.

In 2017, Princess Catherine stepped out in Salford to attend the BBC's Children's Global Media Summit. Wearing a stunning new red dress from Goat Fashion, Catherine dazzled in the wool ensemble and looked effortlessly cozy while visiting with patrons (via Kate Middleton Style).

When Carole sat down for her interview with The Telegraph, she not only wore a strikingly similar red dress to her 2012 appearance, but also donned pretty much the exact same dress Catherine wore in 2017. She was quick to highlight that she didn't want to copy her daughter constantly or appear as though she was taking advantage of Catherine's life in the spotlight. Commenting on the Goat Fashion ensemble directly, Carole quipped, "Though not the identical one."

Kate and Carole's print of choice mimicked each other

The annual Wimbledon tournament held in England gives royal watchers a great opportunity to take in the family's casual outfits, and that attention certainly extends to the Middletons. Never one to miss the event, Carole Middleton turned up to the 2017 games in a lovely white dress that was adorned with an intricate blue pattern. Featuring a knee-length skirt, three-quarter sleeves, and a modest neckline, Carole looked perfectly casual yet appropriate for the occasion, complementing the look with a pair of darker blue heels and a matching clutch (via Express).

Of course, royal fashion watchers were quick to realize that Carole's dress for Wimbledon 2017 was more or less a dupe of Princess Catherine's look from the year prior. During her 2016 tour of Canada, Catherine dazzled in what can only be described as the white and red version of her mother's Wimbledon look — the biggest difference between the dresses being the price tag. Catherine's dress was from designer Alexander McQueen — who was behind her wedding dress – and cost about $5,000. Meanwhile, Carole's look was a dupe from label Wolf & Badger, which set her back a much more affordable $320. Though the prices were significantly different, both ladies looked lovely in their chosen looks. Surprisingly, Carole didn't wear her signature Wimbledon sunglasses with her dress, letting the sweet attire shine on its own.

Kate and Carole struck the same color palette in 2018

2018 was a big year for the royal family. Prince William and Princess Catherine welcomed their third child, Prince Louis, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot. A royal baby and a royal wedding meant lots of public appearances for the members of the firm, and Catherine and Carole Middleton struck the same color palette chord while doing so. 

Just weeks after Louis was born, the royals made their way to Harry and Meghan's ceremony. For the occasion, Carole looked lovely in an icy blue Catherine Walker ensemble, coordinating her fascinator with the look. In a nod to her own daughter's wedding, Carole donned the necklace and earrings that she had on during Catherine and William's 2011 nuptials, bringing a full circle moment to a close (via Good Housekeeping).

Just a few short months later, the royals once again made dazzling public appearances, this time for Trooping the Colour. Taking a cue from her mother's color choice, Catherine chose a similarly pale blue outfit for the day, riding in a carriage alongside Camilla, Queen Consort, who donned an equally flattering blue tone (per Harper's Bazaar). Meanwhile, newlywed Meghan caused quite the scene as she decided to wear a gorgeous pale pink dress and hat, featuring an off-the-shoulder neckline, which is seen as a bit of a fashion rule breaker by royal standards.