Everything We Know About Hallmark's The Love Club: Lauren's Dream

"The Love Club" has joined the list of the best Hallmark movies in 2023. The film series captures a group of friends all struggling with the mystery of dating and marriage. The four ladies, Sydney, Nicole, Tara, and Lauren, have vowed to be each other's helping hand in the wake of any love crisis — and there seem to be many. The quartet each has their turn being the leading lady of a romance story.


"The Love Club: Sydney's Journey" centers around food and track enthusiast Sydney who is caught between her ex and a new budding romance. In "The Love Club: Nicole's Pen Pal," designer Nicole questions if the notes between her and her pen pal are actually love letters, even though she's engaged to someone else. Vocalist Tara might soon be humming to wedding bells in "The Love Club: Tara's Tune." She has vowed to be single, but one musician has her ready to partner up.

The fab four is rounded out with"The Love Club: Lauren's Dream." That dream is to open an art gallery, but it has been put on hold so her husband, Peter, can pursue his career. The marriage can't sustain such tension, and with divorce papers all written up, the two are back in the dating scene. However, there is still hope for Lauren and Peter, thanks to Nicole, Tara, and Sydney's intervention.


The actress who brings Lauren to life

Chantel Riley plays the role of Lauren. The actress is best known for bringing to life characters in the hit movies "Colorblind" and "Race," as well as the TV series "Wynonna Earp." Her talents shine in front and behind the camera as she is the executive producer of "Colorblind" and the film short "The Only Fan." Not only can she direct and embody characters, but Riley is also a singer and the author of the children's book "I Am." We get a taste of her skills in "The Love Club: Lauren's Dream."


The film is as much about friendship as it is about romantic relationships. Creating the four-part movie event even forged real friendships between the cast. In an interview with The Harlton Empire, Riley shared, "I loved filming with Lily [Gao], Brittany [Bristow], and Camille [Stopps]! While working with them, it was easy to connect and create a bond on set." It was no surprise that her favorite scenes involved all Cupid's helpers. Riley revealed, "Any scene that allowed the four of us to be together was always my favorite. It meant I was always guaranteed a good laugh amongst us."

A movie with authentic friendships, a happy ending, and a love triangle — now that's a must-see.

Where to watch The Love Club: Lauren's Dream

You can watch "The Love Club: Lauren's Dream" on Hallmark Movies Now. The streaming service is $5.99 a month, and first-time users can indulge in a 7-day free trial. The platform features all four of "The Love Club" movies, so you can tune into the romantic drama of Lauren, Sydney, Nicole, and Tara's stories.


For sequential order, dive into "The Love Club: Nicole's Pen Pal" and "The Love Club: Sydney's Journey" before "The Love Club: Lauren's Dream" and finish off with "The Love Club: Tara's Tune." However, each film can be watched as a standalone feature.

You can also catch the feel-good movies airing on the Hallmark Channel. All four films will play back-to-back, starting at 2 p.m. on Monday, May 29. But if you just want to see Lauren's dream come true, that feature starts at 6 p.m. Hallmark movies, yummy snacks, and a cozy blanket — is there a better way to enjoy the evening?