Hallmark's Jodie Sweetin Compares Her Kids To Her Most Iconic Character

One classic '90s show that managed to worm its way into our hearts for good is "Full House." With its corny-yet-witty dialogue and wholesome moments, it quickly became a family-time staple and now a nostalgic memory that's fun to revisit. Furthermore, it launched so many of the iconic child actors we know and love such as the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, as well as Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin.

The bittersweet part about growing up with child stars is watching them grow up. Although her days as a child star are long gone, Sweetin has found an even fuller home on the Hallmark Channel. However, it's arguable that most of America will always know her by her most iconic role as Stephanie Tanner, the wisecracking middle child on "Full House" and its spin-off Netflix series, "Fuller House." When Sweetin stepped into her reprised role on the now-canceled "Fuller House," she took on motherhood on the silver screen just as in real life. Now with two daughters of her own, she often finds herself and others comparing them to her breakout character in such a special way.

Sweetin sees a lot of Stephanie Tanner in her daughters

Having kids implies the inevitability of creating new people who look like you. Although it's to be expected that most kids ultimately end up resembling their parents or even grandparents, it still manages to shock us how similar family members can look. Jodie Sweetin proved copy machines everywhere have got nothing on her skills when she birthed her near-identical clones.

The "Full House" star told People that she believes that her two daughters, Zoie Herpin, born in 2008, and Beatrix Sweetin-Coyle, born in 2010, are her spitting image, even though their hair color is a little different. "[Beatrix's] hair has gotten darker all of the sudden and it looks a little bit less like that little Stephanie Tanner, but both of my girls have my smile and all that," she said, noting that she does also encourage them to embrace their uniqueness. "I definitely see Steph hiding in there, especially in their attitude."

Part of that attitude might be how they consider their celebrity mom as just a mom with a cool job. Sweetin disclosed that her fame doesn't faze her girls. "They don't really care," she admitted. "They've watched it before, they used to come to tapings, but at the end of the day, it's mom. They're not really that impressed." Apparently, teenagers will be teenagers, even if your mom was a famous child star.

Communication is the foundation of their relationship

As far as her actual family goes, Jodie Sweetin told Today that for her, motherhood means trying to equip her daughters for life in today's digital world. When discussing how her daughters use social media, she said she makes sure they know it's a heavily edited view of people's lives, and instructs them to stay positive in their comments and posts.

Sweetin also gives them the space and liberty to talk to her about anything. As Sweetin recovered from a past disrupted by her addiction to alcohol and drugs, it has impressed upon her how vital open and honest communication is with her young girls. "I'm really open with my kids ... I have to have those open conversations with them because if I don't, they're going to go get misinformation somewhere else," she said in her interview with Today.

Sweetin knows how important it is to show her kids the good, the bad, and the ugly in people. She explained how being honest about her struggles in the past helped shape the way her daughters see her — as a full-fledged human being with flaws and imperfections. She also shared how proud she is of her girls for the young women they're becoming. "I have these amazing, interesting, individual, strong fierce little women," she told Today. Watching little Stephanie Tanner blossom into an amazing mother with daughters of her own is enough to make our hearts burst with nostalgia and happiness.