Why Anna Kendrick Doesn't Want Kids

In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in societal norms surrounding parenthood. An increasing number of individuals and couples are making an informed decision of leading a child-free lifestyle. People are breaking away from tradition and it's no secret that more and more people across the globe now choose to be childless. In 2021, Pew Research Center conducted a survey in the US and results showed that 44% of the non-parents aged 18 to 49 think that it's likely that they will never have children. 

This kind of mindset has also been prevalent among celebrities, including Anna Kendrick. The "Pitch Perfect" star confidently embraces her decision to lead a child-free life. The talented actor has been open about her choice, likely in the hopes that it might spark discussions about the meaning of fulfillment and the freedom to shape one's own future. While many would argue that parenthood gives one's life an elevated sense of meaning, that certainly isn't true for everyone, and Kendrick has plenty of good reasons why she doesn't want to be a mother.

Anna Kendrick is thinking about her future kids' well-being

In Anna Kendrick's memoir called "Scrappy Little Nobody," she stated that bearing a child just isn't her thing, writing, "I will always feel children aren't for me." While this might be a completely understandable state of mind, she went to explain herself when asked about it.

In her interview with E! News to promote the book, Kendrick further elaborated on why she never wanted to be a parent. "Well, if I have kids, it's just another kid that your kid is going to have to fight when the water wars come," she quipped. While she was clearly being somewhat flippant about her decision to remain child-free, she was referring to a very real problem. While nearly 1 billion people are already facing water scarcity around the world, a report published by the UN World Water Development in March 2023 estimates that number will reach between 1.7 billion and 2.4 billion within the next 30 years (via The Guardian).

She doesn't think they'd survive a zombie apocalypse

Anna Kendrick had another hilarious explanation for why having kids wasn't a good idea for her. "The zombie apocalypse is coming, and with my genes, I don't think that they're going to last," she joked. With a possible "Last of Us"-style end of days ahead of us, it's no wonder the star has some (admittedly tongue-in-cheek) reservations. 

Kendrick, who has undergone a complete evolution in Hollywood, also jokingly suggested that any children she had might inherit some of her physical qualities, including her small build — another thing that would count against them when fighting the walking dead. Believing that she wouldn't do her future kids any favor, she said, "I'm worried about upper body strength, coordination. These are not things that I would pass on. So, you know. [My kids] are just going to be food."

Luckily, Harvard University says that a zombie apocalypse is not only unlikely, but even if it did happen, it wouldn't be anything like we see on TV and in movies. "What I always say is we're humans, so we have plenty of ways to do ourselves in without zombies," said Dr. Steven Schlozman, a zombie enthusiast and professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Anna Kendrick can find some comfort in that!