8 Digital Lavender 'Fits That Will Keep You On Trend For Summer 2023

It's been quite a whirlwind in the lead-up to summer. Whether your emotional energy is invested in the Vanderpump Rules Scandoval or trying to score tickets to Taylor Swift's Eras concert, we could all benefit from a relaxing herbal tea moment. Then again, a better idea might be to jump ahead to our summer favorites, like ice cream, music festivals, and the season's hottest trends. One absolute sure thing this season is digital lavender; it's everywhere — from runways to social media and the lines at the grocery store.

Of course, most of us associate lavender with Swift's song, "Lavender Haze," but the trend has roots elsewhere too. The consumer trend forecasters at WGSN teamed with color experts at Coloro, and together, they announced that digital lavender was the color of the year for 2023. In fact, WGSN reports that Coloro predicted this year's trend as early as 2021. In support of the prediction, the Head of Colour at WGSN, Urangoo Samba, explains, "This shade poses that much-needed cautious optimism and escapism people are craving post-pandemic and during this poly-crisis era. And even in times of budget crunch, it gives an imaginative and creative outlet, but also speaks of hope and balance."

Well, if we're counting Taylor as a trend expert (and, obviously, we are), that's three expert votes for the soothing vibes of digital lavender!

Now's the time to go all in on digital lavender

Take a cue from Instagram influencer — and thrifter extraordinaire — Ahlonne, also known on Instagram as Panther. They've gone all in on the digital lavender trend with this look that's giving equal parts prep, sport, and edge. We love the simplicity of each piece she chose; the crop top, shorts, and over-the-shoulder sweater are all solid hues of light purple. The cumulative monochromatic 'fit is stunning as is, but they added a face-framing lilac 'fro, solidifying the look as 100% cover-model worthy.

Add a minimalist lilac sweater tank to your wardrobe

A lightweight sweater tank is a chic way to be cozy yet cool all summer long, especially in the season's trendiest color — lilac. Here, @brendaamariie pairs a utility-style skirt with a ribbed camisole-cut tank top. The vertical ribbing of the sweater echoes the long lines of the exaggerated skirt pleating, while the asymmetrical belt adds a cute contrast. Overall, splurging on a lilac sweater tank like this is an easy way to dabble in the season's 'it' color since it's easily paired with shorts, skirts, or lightweight jeans.

Cue the bold colors this summer

As the unofficial New York Queen of colorful contrasts, TikTok creator @queenessynyc breaks down how to lean into the season's hottest shade of purple. Clearly, the most important takeaway here is that one pair of wide-leg digital lavender pants is versatile enough to pair with an endless rainbow of brights. Her use of emerald green and lavender is our absolute favorite, but the oceany-blue pairings are a close second. Ultimately, all of them rely on combinations of the wide-leg lilac pants with crop tops and blazers of varied lengths.

Add a lavender bandana for a western-inspired look

First, how gorgeous is this look, posted by @doubledranch? Secondly, let's acknowledge how underrated the bandana is as a fashion accessory. Whether you're finishing off a Western look or using a bandana as a cute hair wrap, we're here for it. Grabbing a lavender bandana is a quick way to add that pop of pastel on the fly, but it also has summer-specific benefits. For example, you go from errands to a seaside meet-up — a light purple bandana is a great hair wrap when there's no time for a refresh.

This lilac look is giving so much luxe

The folks who coined "pretty in pink" must've missed this stunning TikTok video by digital creator @gigidiazofficial. Obviously, we need a new go-to phrase for this fresh lilac look and all its pastel perfection. As it's styled here, it's chic and ready for a night out or upscale brunch moment. But, on the other hand, if you add an oversized white button-down tied at the waist, you can create a more casual summer vibe. Either way, we love the slicked-back hair, which perfectly complements the 'fit.

Pair purple biker shorts and gingham

If we're honest, we're not at all surprised that experts think Digital Lavender will be the 2023 Color of the Year. Pastels are soothing AF and look equally gorgeous on everyone. Case in point, we're over here feverishly scribbling notes on this digital lavender look posted by @likemagazinebr. If you've ever needed help styling a biker short for a dressier look, here's your inspiration. The pale purple biker-style shorts have a fully finished waist seam, which gives it an upscale vibe. Plus, the gingham bra top and matching button-down complete the look with ease.

This lavender haze Eras Tour 'fit is Swifty-approved

We're never not looking for an excuse to wear faux lavender fur, so we were swift in celebrating this look from TikTik influencer Ashley Lopez. It's obviously giving all the pastel purple vibes this summer can handle. So whether you were lucky enough to snag tickets to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour or a summer music festival, this 'fit is up to the job. The lightweight purple jeans are great for cool summer evenings, but that faux fur bra top gives it that little something you need for a concert look.

Layer the cut-out and digital lavender trends

You can call it romance or floral, but regardless of the wording, it's pure digital lavender magic. The fashion-minded folks @daniellabatlle call it "sea bloom," and it brings together two of this summer's trends — cutouts and pastel purple hues. Of course, sometimes the summer heat is unforgiving, so this 'fit is a way to beat the heat but still look hot. Sure, you can add accessories, but the dress is cute on its own if you want to avoid wearing jewelry on a humid day.