How To Safely Remove Boob Tape After A Fun Night Out

Sometimes a bra simply won't do when it comes to specific styles of tops and dresses. When hitting the town for some fun, you might reach for that backless dress or a low-neckline shirt that looks better with a little extra chest lift.

Before you get a temporary boob job, boob tape is here to give you ample cleavage with no signs of a bra in sight. That's actually exactly what it was engineered to do — fixate your breasts where you want them to be. The tape has an adhesive back, meaning that it will stick to your skin and provide support while you go braless. You can adjust the tape by cutting it into different shapes to fit the curves of your chest for a lifting effect, whatever your bra size. Learning how to work it and modify the tape properly for the desired look might take a little time, but once you've mastered it, there's no going back to your bra peeking out.

However, taking the tape off might be a challenge you didn't expect. Sensitive skin requires special care, our body included. Removing your breast tape without caution can result in getting pesky chest acne and other skin irritations, even if your skin usually isn't reactive, which you probably want to avoid.

Reach for your favorite body oil to help you out

After a fun night out, safely removing boob tape is probably one of the last things on your mind. However, just ripping it off should not be an option, no matter how tired you may be. Even if you've taken all the steps necessary to protect your skin before you put on the tape, if you don't remove it properly, it won't matter. The skin on your chest is extra delicate, which is exactly why you should be extra careful when peeling off the adhesive accessory for the night.

While some boob tapes will be easy to remove on their own, you might need a little bit of help along the way. Blythe Enke, a customer support coordinator at the breast tape brand Good Lines, advises reaching for body oil if you're having trouble. "We recommend applying your favorite oil (baby oil, coconut oil, etc.) all over the tape until it's drenched. Let [it] sit on your skin for around 15 minutes before removing," she advised to Byrdie, explaining that the oil will loosen the tape's adhesive, enabling its removal without causing any irritation.

If the boob tape doesn't budge, board-certified dermatologist Erum Ilyas recommends soaking it in a thick layer of a petroleum jelly-based product like Vaseline or Aquaphor, as she tells Allure. Using a bit of nail polish remover could also work; however, that could cause irritation for some, she added.

What to do if the tape isn't coming off

Whatever you do, avoid hitting the shower with your boob tape still on. "Because it's made to be sweatproof and waterproof, it actually gets even stickier as it gets wet so it won't slide off in the pool," Stephanie Montes, the founder and CEO of breast tape brand Nue, tells Byrdie.

Most boob tapes shouldn't be too hard to remove, especially with the help of a little body oil or moisturizer. In the event that those methods of removal don't work, visit your dermatologist to eliminate the possibility of doing more harm than good.

Once you've managed to remove the tape completely, you might notice a certain amount of dryness or irritation to your skin, especially around the nipple area since it is the most sensitive part of the breast, as dermatologist Erum Ilyas notes. "Being sure to generously apply body oils or petrolatum after the tape is removed will help heal and restore the skin as well," she explains to Allure, adding that you should steer clear of wearing boob tape on a regular basis to avoid skin damage.