B&B's Sean Kanan Hints At A Future For Brooke And Deacon

Although Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) have set aside their rivalry over Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and become besties, there's still lingering feelings between the three. To that end, Taylor set Brooke up on a date with Il Giardino waiter Paul "Hollis" Hollister (Hollis W. Chambers) in an attempt to get both their lives moving in a non-Ridge direction. After just one date — and a kiss – Brooke concluded that she wasn't yet ready to move on. Every time Brooke and Ridge are in a room together, sparks seem to fly, and Taylor is sensing that. But Taylor also seems to be struggling with her own lingering feelings for the fashion mogul.

Since Brooke has expressed a concern over dating new men, Taylor has taken a different matchmaking avenue. She's been visiting Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) while he's pouring his heart and soul into Il Giardino, and has tried to coax him into perhaps rekindling his old romance with Brooke. Taylor outlined that it could be a new beginning for Deacon and Brooke, and he finally agreed to talk to his ex, who is also the mother of his daughter, Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). Agreeing that Taylor was right, Deacon met with Brooke and put all his cards on the table, telling her that he's still in love with her and pleading for her to revisit their relationship.

Kanan recently had some thoughts about what could happen next.

Deacon will always love Brooke

Although Deacon Sharpe secretly had a twisted romance with the sinister Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) on "The Bold and the Beautiful," he certainly would like to keep that a secret from Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes. He's changed his bad boy ways, and now owns the restaurant Il Giardino. Actor Sean Kanan spoke to Soaps about Deacon's perspective, explaining that up until Taylor's words of encouragement, he felt that his days with Brooke were over. So much so, he was comfortable letting Hollis go on a date with her. 

Kanan also felt Deacon perhaps didn't even want to entertain the notion of being with Brooke previously, stating, "Maybe part of that was because he knew at the time that he was keeping this big Sheila secret. He might have been protecting himself, knowing that if Brooke and Hope found out about his connection to Sheila, he'd lose everything, including any trust that had been rebuilt between them over the past year or two."

"Deacon will always love Brooke," Kanan stated, adding. "How can he not? They created Hope together. They shared something special." He explained that in the back of Deacon's mind, he's been holding out hope that he and Brooke would eventually get back together. Although there is the possibility that Ridge will get in Deacon's way, Kanan noted, "But how many times is [Brooke] going to let [Ridge] do her wrong?"