What The Cast Of To All The Boys Is Doing Today

"To All The Boys I've Loved Before" is one of Netflix's most-watched original films of all time — and if you've seen it, it's really no surprise as to why this adorable love story has been so successful. The movie, based on the book by Jenny Han under the same name, has since spawned two film sequels that fans have loved returning to again and again on their small screens even long after the final film made its debut on the streaming service in 2021.

The franchise has launched the acting careers of multiple young actors and has even continued to tell the story of the Covey family with its 2023 spin-off series "XO, Kitty," which takes place a few years after the final film. Now that actress Anna Cathcart, who plays Kitty, has seen her character's storyline stretch over the last five years, "it's so mind-blowing to me that little me in grade 8 was like, 'Oh this is such a cute movie! Let's audition!'" She shared during an interview with Cosmopolitan.

After it was revealed in an episode of "XO, Kitty” that Lara Jean Song Covey and Peter Kavinsky are still going strong to this day, we had to find out what the rest of the cast of the film franchise is up to now.

Lana Condor (Lara Jean Song Covey)

After becoming Lara Jean Song Covey, Lana Condor's acting career exploded. The last we saw of her on screen, she'd taken on another leading role in a different kind of series called "Boo, B*tch." "It's kind of raunchy and blunt and wildly cunning," Condor told Harper's Bazaar. "It was the first time that I found a project that I felt like, 'Oh, this will show more of my darker, sarcastic sense of humor that I'm sure I picked up from my mother, which is very different from Lara Jean.'"

The actress has since been seeking out other unique characters. Condor will soon be acting in "The One" and stepping into the shoes of an action star in "Ballerina Overdrive" and "Valiant One," which was an entirely new acting experience. "I learned so much about myself and the strength I didn't even know I had during this shoot," she shared on Instagram.

On the other hand, Condor will be showing off her quirky side in the upcoming live action Looney Tunes movie "Coyote vs. Acme." She's also lending her voice to the animated film "Giant Krakens vs. Evil" — all while she's been busy planning her wedding to Anthony De La Torre. "He's that warrior that's been with me every step of the way over the past six years of my world changing," Condor told People, adding, "Times where I just feel like I can't do anything or I'm deeply exhausted — he's always been there."

Noah Centineo (Peter Kavinsky)

Along with Lara Jean, fans fell for the character Peter Kavinsky as soon as he stepped on screen in the first film "To All The Boys I've Loved Before." Now, the actor who plays him has since set himself up to be an action star.

Noah Centineo's latest project has him playing the leading role in a Netflix series called "The Recruit," which follows a lawyer's chaotic life working at the CIA. Since signing on for the role, which has been renewed for a second season to be released in 2024, "I have found a new sense of direction and urgency in my life and career," the actor wrote on Instagram.

In early 2023, Centineo launched a production company, Arkhum Productions, in order to start developing his own projects for both the big and small screen. His first film in the works is titled "The Greatest Disaster in Cinema History," which will showcase a crazy, fictional night of what it's like working in Hollywood, that Centineo will be producing and starring in. The actor is also set to star in an upcoming action film written and directed by Jackie Chan called "The Diary." While it seems as though Centineo has shifted more into the action genre over the last couple years, he's still a big fan of all the rom-coms we love — like the three "To All The Boys" films. "I feel like there's a little bit of genre blending," the actor told Entertainment Weekly.

Anna Cathcart (Katherine 'Kitty' Song Covey)

If there's one thing that actress Anna Cathcart never imagined, it was that her character Katherine 'Kitty' Song Covey would have such a major impact on the Covey family. After sending off all of the secret love letters hidden in Lara Jean's closet, she created into existence her sister's love life, so it only makes sense that Kitty should get a starring role in her own love story.

It was in May 2023 when the world got a glimpse of what her character's life looks like with Dae today in the Netflix spin-off series "XO, Kitty." Yet, even after coming off the success of the series, Cathcart still can't believe she has had the opportunity to star in her own show. "When the idea of 'XO, Kitty' was first introduced, I didn't think it was going to come into reality," she admitted during an interview with Cosmopolitan. "But now that we actually got to explore this whole other chapter, I do not take it lightly."

While there's no official word on if the series will be renewed for a second season as of this writing, fans of the new series know that there's more to her story. The Season 1 finale was even left open for an entirely new storyline since her first semester at the Korean Independent School of Seoul has come to a close — which was the ending that almost didn't even happen. "It was honestly changed a few times," Cathcart revealed to Harper's Bazaar.

Janel Parrish Long (Margot Song Covey)

Though Margot and Josh split up in the "To All The Boys" series, actress Janel Parrish Long has still been interested in exploring the world of relationships. Since finishing up on the third film in the franchise playing Margot, the actress has starred in a number of Hallmark Channel's films, the latest in which she uncovers a mystery of broken relationships and explores family dynamics in "Family History Mysteries: Buried Past."

In fact, when it comes to relationships, Parrish Long's new film is all about what can make and break one. She has recently wrapped up on "Sydney vs. Sean," which she is both starring in and producing, and it's one that she promises will "have you in your feels," she told her followers on Instagram. The film will flash back and forth between the past and present to determine what exactly caused the characters of Sydney and Sean to break up in the first place.

Madeleine Arthur (Christine 'Chris' Donati)

Everybody needs a best friend like Lara Jean's BFF Christine "Chris" Donati. This free spirit is a character that no fan of the franchise will ever be able to forget, and the actress who plays her has since explored other distinct roles after playing Christine throughout all three films.

Since wrapping up on the movie adaptations, actress Madeleine Arthur's next project was in the single-season Netflix series "Blockbuster." The comedy show offers audiences a comedic glimpse at the last video rental store in existence during the time streaming services were just beginning to become introduced to the world. In it, she plays an innocent character named Hannah who is a bit out-of-touch with the world around her. "Never have I ever laughed so much on set," Arthur told her Instagram followers of the series.

The actress has since taken a hard turn away from humor and has entered into a much more dramatic genre. Fans can currently see her starring in "Devil in Ohio," a series that depicts what it looks like living in a cult. Her new film "Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays" is also a world away from the comedy genre, as she will be seen starring as a teenager navigating a life on drugs. "I absolutely love the opportunity to be challenged and to play with so many different personalities," the actress shared during an interview with Wonderland – and we can't wait to see what she tackles next.

Jordan Fisher (John Ambrose)

Oh, John Ambrose. When we last saw him in the second film "To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You," Lara Jean had left him out in the snow after realizing that she was always meant to be with Peter instead. The young boy was a romantic, and the actor who plays him sure sounds like one too.

Following the release of the film in 2020, actor Jordan Fisher married his real-life love in an after-hours ceremony smack dab in the middle of Walt Disney World. "We're partners in life," the actor told People. "Having somebody that knows you inside out and can lean on [is so special]." In 2022, he and wife welcomed their first child into the world.

Fisher has since taken his acting skills to the stage and tours the country in the musical "Sweeney Todd," which was nominated for eight Tony Awards. The cast's official album will be released in late 2023, and fans will be able to hear his voice again in the animated film "Spellbound." As far as on screen appearances, Fisher is set to star alongside actress Dove Cameron in the upcoming film "Field Notes on Love," which he surely learned a whole lot about already from his time on the "To All The Boys" film. Funnily enough, one thing he noted to Vanity Fair during his time on the franchise is that "Noah [Centenio]'s actually Team John."

Ross Butler (Trevor Pike)

By the second film in the franchise, Trevor Pike is just starting to sweep the otherwise independent character Christine off of her feet. The actor who plays him has also had his feet leave the ground since we last saw him in the third and final film "To All The Boys: Always and Forever."

In actor Ross Butler's 2023 film release "Shazam! Fury of the Gods," he plays a superhero complete with a super suit and cape – and he hopes there will be a third film in this franchise as well so he can reunite with his friend Noah Centenio, a.k.a. Peter Kavinsky in the "To All The Boys" movies and also Atom Smasher in "Black Adam." "Black Adam is the villain of Shazam, and I'm hoping that there's gonna be a crossover, so that Noah and I can butt heads as superheroes," Butler told Collider.

Until then, Butler will soon be seen starring in another romantic book-to-film adaptation called "Loveboat, Taipei." His character Rick, who is nicknamed "Boy Wonder" in the novel, is ready to sweep another special someone off their feet this time around.

Trezzo Mahoro (Lucas James)

Just like how Lucas is so kind and reassuring in the "To All The Boys" films, actor Trezzo Mahoro is just as supportive of his co-stars off of the big screen. When the franchise's spin-off series "XO, Kitty" premiered in May 2023, Mahoro flew across the country to cheer actress Anna Cathcart on.

Yet, while he's always been a big fan of the rom-com genre over the years — with roles in "The Right One," "Operation Christmas Drop," and "A Cinderella Story" — his more recent work has strayed away from the warm, snuggly feeling you get when you watch a love story. His 2023 film "Disquiet" is an R-rated horror, and, as of this writing, another scary movie called "Amorosa," is in post-production. The latter is about a ghost who is fed up with people who are addicted to their phones.

Mahoro's jump into the horror genre isn't to say he doesn't miss his rom-com co-stars. "P.S. I still love y'all," he wrote alongside an old cast photo on Instagram.

Israel Broussard (Josh Sanderson)

Josh Sanderson gets close with the Covey family over the course of the first film "To All The Boys I've Loved Before," but ever since, the actor who plays him has turned to characters who aren't anything close to resembling the guy Lara Jean and her sister Margot have had crushes on.

Since wrapping up his time on that single film in the franchise, actor Israel Broussard has gone on to star in some darker themed stories like the earth being invaded in the film "Extinction," the psychological thriller "Fear of Rain," and the second installment of the horror film "Happy Death Day 2U." He has also appeared in a Season 1 episode of the eerie series "Into the Dark" where he plays a young serial killer.

More recently, Sanderson has stepped behind the scenes since we last saw him. His latest project, which he took part as a producer on, was a short film released in early 2023 called "White Picket Fences." As of this writing, he's been busy awaiting the arrival of his first child with his partner.

Andrew Bachelor (Gabe Rivera)

The actor who plays Peter's best friend Gabe Rivera in the first film of the franchise has certainly kept himself busy since we last saw him roaming around their high school's halls. Actor Andrew Bachelor, who is more commonly known as King Bach, has starred in numerous roles over the years in major projects like "Black-ish," "Holidate," "Sneakerheads," and "The Walking Dead."

As of this writing, Bachelor currently has three upcoming films in the works that will showcase even more of his acting range — a dramatic film titled "Float," a science fiction superhero project called "Legend of the White Dragon," and a comedy with Jennifer Garner called "Family Leave" — and that's still only the beginning of his expansive career. Under his company Bach Enterprises, he continues to create his own YouTube videos and other social media content and helps other creators to do the same.

Right now, he's currently collaborating with Damon Wayans Jr. on writing a graphic novel titled "Shogun Run." After that, Bachelor will be headed out on the road for his comedy tour called the Truth or Dare Tour this fall. Needless to say, the actor has had a full schedule, so it's no wonder he didn't return for the subsequent films in the "To All The Boys" franchise. "God is good," he wrote on Instagram. "Let's go!!!"

Emilija Baranac (Genevieve 'Gen' Mitchell)

Those of us who have seen "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" may not be a big fan of Genevieve "Gen" Mitchell, but if it wasn't for her, there may have never been a love story between Lara Jean Song Covey and Peter Kavinsky. After all, Peter only agreed to enter into a fake relationship with Lara Jean in order to make Gen jealous, so while she may have been considered the "bad guy" in the film, maybe we should all be thanking her instead – and this character arc is exactly why the actress who plays her loves her so much.

"As you grow older, you start to realize that humans just are very complex," actress Emilija Baranac said during an interview with Narcity. "And what I appreciated about Gen in 'To All The Boys' was that she wasn't just the mean girl as sometimes those types of characters tend to be portrayed in movies or TV shows."

After Baranac finished playing Gen in the franchise, she went on to star as two other complex characters in the Netflix television show "Fakes" and the one-season Netflix series "Midnight Club." There's no official word yet on whether or not "Fakes" will be renewed for a second season, but Baranac has still stayed busy. She's currently focused on her fashion modeling career and has appeared in multiple clothing campaigns.

John Corbett (Dr. Daniel Covey)

The Covey sisters simply wouldn't be the same characters we all know and love if it wasn't for their supportive father Dr. Daniel Covey, who has always encouraged them to love with all of their hearts. By the end of the franchise, their father gets a happy ending to his own love story that fans get to see more of in the spin-off series "XO, Kitty." As it turns out, there's also a whole lot more romance in store on the big screen for the actor who plays him.

In late 2023, actor John Corbett will reprise his role in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3" — a franchise that has been in his life since the first film was released in 2002. "Most people don't know my name, by the way," the actor once admitted to Glamour. "They know me as, 'Hey, 'Big Fat Greek Wedding' guy!'"

Another name he's commonly known by is Aidan Shaw from "Sex and the City," who he hasn't been seen portraying since 2010 — until now. In early 2023, it was announced that he would be returning to the role as Carrie Bradshaw's romantic interest in the upcoming second season of the spin-off series "And Just Like That..."

Sarayu Blue (Trina Rothschild)

Trina eventually made her way into the Covey family with ease, and the actress who plays her is just as loving when it comes to her co-stars. When actress Sarayu Blue was last seen in the spin-off series "XO, Kitty," she took to Instagram to gush all about her co-star Anna Cathcart with the same stepmom energy that she has in the series. "Ok @annacathcart, here is MY love letter to YOU. I am SO proud of you!!" Blue wrote. "This show was an enormous feat, and you approached it with courage, curiosity, wisdom, dedication, and heart."

Next up, Blue is starring in three upcoming projects – a TV movie about a surgeon called "Under the Bridge," a scripted true story called "A Million Miles Away," and another book-to-screen adaptation series called "Expats."

In her spare time, Blue has been supporting her behind-the-scenes co-workers belonging to the Writers Guild of America as they are on strike. She knows that her acting career would look very different without them. "Pay. Writers," the actress urged her followers on Instagram. "No matter what any actor tells you, no one wants you relying on us for the jokes."

Holland Taylor (Edith Sinclair 'Stormy' McClaren-Sheehan)

Fans were introduced to a brand new character in the second film in the franchise, "To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You." Edith Sinclair "Stormy" McClaren-Sheehan's witty banter and laugh-out-loud lines make her an unforgettable addition to the series. "Twitter liked that character very much, and I did too," actress Holland Taylor gushed during an interview with Netflix. "I saw her... not as sort of an Auntie Mame, but as a kind of wizard, where she would try to infuse her young charge with enthusiasm for things in life and then try to instill in her a self-regard."

The actress — who has been going strong with her girlfriend, "American Horror Story" star Sarah Paulson, since 2015 — has always portrayed strong female characters who are never afraid to speak their minds, and her upcoming projects will continue to speak the truth. Taylor will soon be seen returning as Cybil Richards in Season 3 of "The Morning Show" and is currently at work on an R-rated untitled comedy film for Hulu which will also star Awkwafina, Will Ferrell, and Sandra Oh.