Are The Houses On HGTV's 100 Day Dream Home Actually Finished In 100 Days?

Anyone who's a fan of HGTV knows they have a variety of home improvement shows to choose from. From "Renovation 911" to "100 Day Dream Home," the renowned network knows how to create TV series that intrigue their target audience based on overhauling homes and décor into something great. 

In terms of "100 Day Dream Home,"  HGTV viewers are able to watch realtor Mika Kleinschmidt and her developer husband Brian go to great lengths to create the perfect home for buyers in "100 days or less." Filmed in Florida, and currently in it's fourth season, viewers are still following along as the husband and wife duo continue sharing the journey to build homes that their clients love — including potential delays. 

As exciting as it is to see their visions come to life, some viewers have had two obvious questions come to mind — are the homes actually being built in 100 days, and are they safe? These questions matter because, unfortunately, some home renovations have ended in tragedy, while some stars of different series have been sued after a renovation was completed. One viewer even tweeted that she doesn't think the homes are safe and suitable for Florida.

Brian and Mika explain their homebuilding process

In an effort to be more transparent about the homes being built, Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt spoke with Distractify to give a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making "100 Day Dream Home" possible. "There are always ups and downs and in-betweens," Brian said. "And the great thing about our show is we try to capture everything in its real-time in real life to make it feel as real as possible." 

Mika went on to explain that some things are out of their control, like the client's initial and final decisions about their home designs. In the same article, she said, "'s frustrating, you know, you have a deadline, but you also have to give them what they want."

Ultimately, the couple's goals are to stay on track, but they don't mind sharing that things happens that can cause them to fall behind schedule. The home-building couple also factored in that some client requests stem from people who aren't familiar with Florida's landscape. Properly educating their clients can also take time, along with explaining that some of their clients' ideas are too lofty for what they're able to afford, which can be disappointing.

What occurs during the 100 days it takes to build homes

It's disheartening when viewers realize certain aspects of their favorite reality TV series aren't real, but Brian and Mika are doing their best to remain transparent about the things that occur when they're working towards fulfilling the wants of their clients. 

In an interview with House Digest, they shared how they're able to meet their "100 day" deadline. Brian said, "We start the 100-day clock once we break ground. Nobody wants to watch the permitting process on television. We also have private inspectors that we bring in. That does help expedite the entire timeline." 

Mika also explained to Realtor that proper planning also helps makes things run smoother, but again, they're still mindful that the homeowners' decisions can cause setbacks. However, she mentioned they do work with their clients to help them narrow down how they want things to look in their homes. Brian added, "Another thing we've streamlined and perfected is ordering materials. Sometimes that can take so long."