Is It Safe To Use Lip Gloss On Your Eyes?

Using makeup products interchangeably seems to be a trend. At least TikTok thinks so. From white eyeliner being used for contouring the face to lip liner being applied to the eyes, the world of cosmetics is blending. 

If you've seen the wet eyeshadow look or the glossy eye makeup trend on the internet, you might be wondering if you can get on the bandwagon with those touting the many benefits of turning your favorite lip gloss into an eye makeup tool. The basic premise is that you can achieve a crease-free glossy eye look by applying lip gloss onto your eyelids — after you've gone through the usual steps of eyeshadow and mascara — to create a wet and glistening look. Before you reach for the lip gloss in your purse though, you might want to hear what some cosmetic scientists and ophthalmologists have to say about this beauty hack. 

As ophthalmologist Dr. Patrick Harkins told Fox News, "Anytime someone talks about putting any product that's not specifically made for the eyes or the eyelid near the eye, you're asking for trouble because the eyes and the eyelid are very sensitive parts of the body." Apart from the fear of possible ingredients that might cause irritation in your eyes, you will also be exposing your eye area to bacteria or germs commonly found in or near your mouth.   

Colorants and flavors found in lip gloss can be harmful to your eyes

Cosmetic chemist and editor of the blog The Beauty Brains, Randy Schueller, shared that not all lip glosses are made equal and while some may be safe to use around the eyes, you can't say the same for others, mainly because of the ingredients that give the lip plumper flavor and color. While flavor could irritate your eyes, Schueller wrote on the blog, "Another potentially more serious problem is that the colorants used in lip products are not necessarily approved for use around the eyes."

From menthol in lip balms that can cause stinging around the eyes to colorants in lip liners and glosses, the dangers of using lip products interchangeably are simply not worth the risk. "To keep us all safe, colorants for cosmetics are controlled by the FDA. Certain colors are NOT allowed to be used close to the eye because they can cause problems (including blindness!)," warned Schueller, referring to ingredients like titanium dioxide, and synthetic pigments such as red 28 lake, red 6, and red 7 lake. 

If you really want to achieve a wet-eye look that's sure to turn heads, you might want to take the safer route of investing in eye gloss instead.

How to get the glossy eye makeup look without lip gloss

The main problem with a glossy eye look is creasing, and according to celebrity makeup artist Jaleesa Jaikaran (via Byrdie), this can be somewhat combatted with properly priming your eyelids with an eyeshadow base and following that step with a nude eyeshadow that matches your skin color. It's only then that you go in with the pigment of your choice, added Jaikaran. If you want to skip the pigment, you could do that too. 

Once you're done attending to your lash line (Jaikaran recommended using the same hue as the one you applied on your eyelids), it's time for eye gloss. With a brush, make "small patting motions," on your lids, shared the makeup artist. "And I'm trying not to get too close to the lash line, because gloss tends to naturally travel. And because this can move throughout the day, I really don't want this getting into my eyes," she added. You can complete your glistening eye look by lightly blending the gloss into your skin around the edges. 

Eye glosses come in all shapes and sizes with some even made for safe use in all areas of your face like the MAC Clear Gloss. The Butter London Frosted Glazen Eye Gloss is a good choice for those looking for more sparkles and color. As for the lip products, leave those lip-plumping glosses to achieve the perfect pout and nothing more.