What To Know About The Recent Trader Joe's Candle Recall

Trader Joe's is beloved by customers, with many of its foods having a cult-like following. However, the budget-friendly market sells more than groceries. They have skincare products, household supplies, and, even scented candles. 

In April, Trader Joe's released their Tomato Leaf Scented Candle just in time for the spring season. Made with soy wax, coconut, and beeswax, the two-wick candle claimed to have a 40-hour burn time. The candle came with a budget-friendly $9.99 price tag.

In early June, Trader Joe's announced a recall of the candle, citing that the glass jar was overheating and breaking while the candle was in use. If you purchased the Trader Joe's Tomato Leaf Scented Candle, Trader Joe's advises you to stop using it to prevent accidents or injuries. You can either dispose of the product safely or return the candle to your local store to receive a refund. If needed, you can also contact the company.

Consumers weren't big fans of the Tomato Leaf-Scented Candle

At under $10, the Trader Joe's Tomato Leaf Scented Candle was a steal compared to candles sold in other retail stores. The smell was described as a blend of tomato leaves with bergamot, rhubarb, and geranium. That said, several consumers expressed their disdain for the candle's scent on social media. On Instagram, user @traderjoeslist said that she loved it, noting that the earthy smell "reminds me of gardening." Several fans disagreed with her opinion, with one saying, "I almost dropped the candle when smelling it at the store cuz it was so horrible."

Another person wrote, "It smells exactly like you would imagine it should.. but it's not a smell you'd want permeating your house. It's a headache in a glass container." Others asked if the candle was an April Fool's joke. 

If you return the Tomato Leaf Scented Candle to Trader Joe's, treat yourself to a safer scent. Their latest is the Salted Caramel + Pistachio Scented Candle, which comes in a tin jar and retails for only $3.99.