Does The Voice Pay Contestants To Be On The Show?

It's the ultimate question: Are the talented contestants on NBC's hit show "The Voice" actually paid for participating in one of the most iconic reality competitions in the world, or do they just do it to (hopefully) launch their singing careers? After earning a spot on "The Voice," the contestants are catapulted into a world of fame. They duel in hectic battle rounds where each singer performs for a chance to move on to the next challenge round. 

In between that, there are plenty of intense voice training sessions with the celebrity coaches. Oh, and we can't forget about the wardrobe makeovers that leave "The Voice" contestants looking completely unrecognizable after the blind auditions. It may come as a surprise to you, but, despite all the hard work, the singers on the show don't actually get paid to take part (via Newsweek). 

As "Voice" fans will know, only the best of the best — those who make it all the way to the end of the season — will take home that coveted $100,000 cash prize. Unless you reach that point, you won't get a check to appear. 

Participants reportedly receive a living stipend

It's always a treat to tune in to each episode and catch your favorite singers performing spectacular renditions of popular songs. Watching them improve each round as they blossom into stars is what makes "The Voice" so enjoyable, and the wild ride lasts all the way until the day there's only one singer left. Then, that person is finally crowned the winner. But bringing all that untapped talent and dedication onto the show must cost the producers something, right? 

With so much pressure on the teams' shoulders, it's hard to believe there isn't some kind of assistance for contestants to make their time on the show go more smoothly. Luckily, it seems like the showrunners do make a point to provide financially for the singers, according to Newsweek. To keep up with the hassle of living near the studio and spending long days on the set, the contestants are reportedly given a living stipend to make things slightly easier for them.

And that's not all the perks either. As reported by Cosmopolitan, Vicci Martinez from Season 1 divulged an extra tasty secret about what the food is like on set. "Catering was really great. I ate really well," she shared, adding, "They had a Starbucks there with snacks all day." Free Starbucks sounds like a pretty delicious perk to us!

Being on the show also brings a boost in popularity

If you like singing, odds are you've dreamed about going onstage and belting your heart out on "The Voice." NBC's hit show has gained a massive following and just about everyone recognizes the swiveling red chairs, glowing buzzers, and dazzling wardrobe choices. "The Voice" has been a longtime favorite of talent show enthusiasts for years now, and although TV Series Finale notes its popularity has dipped in recent years, it's showing no signs of slowing down. 

With talented rising stars and celebrity coaches like Blake Shelton and Niall Horan taking part, "The Voice" has separated itself from other singing contests to become one of the most beloved shows on the air. It may be disheartening to know that your favorite contestants aren't paid but we're sure the experience of singing on such a popular show and making lifelong friends along the way is satisfying enough. 

Plus, getting a shot at winning a ton of cash, gaining thousands of social media followers, and being surrounded by your favorite celebrities doesn't sound like a bad trade-off.