Hailee Steinfeld Opened Up About Her Relationship With Social Media

"Dickinson" star Hailee Steinfeld has a really healthy relationship with social media these days. However, in the past, she's experienced some pretty relatable challenges when it comes to being on the apps. Back in July 2018, the singer and actress told People, "Scrolling through Instagram, I've been guilty of comparing myself." She explained that she found it helpful to shift her mindset from one of envy or disappointment to, "Wow, I admire her dedication. If I want that, I can work for it." 

Even with 20.6 million followers to please, Steinfeld seems like she's come a long way from those kinds of insecurities and doesn't sweat Instagram too much. She knows how to find the balance between the online world and the actual world, and she's good at staying present in real life and then posting snapshots afterward. The singer and actress can also appreciate a time before she used any social media at all which helps frame the positive perspective she has today. 

She's grateful that she lived without social media for a while

Steinfeld reflected on the role of social media in her life during her May 2023 People interview. The actress recalled that she joined social media when it was starting to gain popularity, and she's grateful to have experienced life without it beforehand. "I look at the kids in my family now working an iPad like it's nobody's business," she said. "It's a good thing that wasn't me because I did go through a phase when I was younger taking photos on Photo Booth and making dance videos at home. I send those videos to my friends all the time, where we're in eighth grade and it's the most cringe, embarrassing thing." Steinfeld joked, "Meanwhile, eighth graders now are, like, professional dancers and killing it."

Back in September 2016, the "Pitch Perfect" star told Vanity Fair about a time when a group of adults assumed that she hadn't experienced life without social media. "I was, like, almost offended by it," she remembered. "Because I did." She explained that she was fairly late to join social media and shared that her favorite activity was enjoying the outdoors and riding her bike in the cul de sac.

She says social media is all about balance

During her interview with People, Steinfeld further opened up about how she maintains a healthy relationship with social media. The 26-year-old explained that at this point, she's accepted that people just aren't going to like every single thing she posts. "That is life," she said. She added that she enjoys living in the moment and sharing the cool stuff later. "I love going away and disappearing into my work and staying focused and immersing myself in whatever world that I'm in ... and then coming out of my little cave and sharing with people what it is I've been working on," Steinfeld said. 

The key to social media in general? "It's a balance," the "Love Myself" singer told People. "But I've always had a healthy relationship with social media. I just have fun with it." And that fun totally comes through on her Instagram page — Steinfeld likes to share cute selfies with her dog, silly photos with friends, and her movie posters and album covers