Benefits Clean Beauty Can Have On Your Skin

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With so many people becoming increasingly conscious about the products that they buy, there has been a push for more transparency from companies. Particularly, the beauty industry is finding that buyers want to know what ingredients are in their makeup and skincare products. On top of being cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainably made, the individual mission of the company goes a long way to persuade buyers.

It's natural to want to support a cause that resonates with you, and with so many companies sourcing quality ingredients, brands have to do more to stand out. However, "clean beauty" has also become a popular term that consumers look for. While avoiding fragrance and synthetically derived ingredients used to be more of a niche choice, now, the more natural a product is the better.

Interestingly, Goop explains that "clean beauty" is a fairly vague term that is not strictly defined. Generally, a clean label tends to mean that companies made an effort to avoid certain ingredients that could be harmful to your health. It's also important to note that clean beauty is not the same thing as natural beauty. While clean beauty can have many benefits, natural products aren't always better or more beneficial for your skin.

Why clean beauty may be better than natural beauty

According to Scout Active Beauty, products labeled "natural" tend to have ingredients that come from nature. Since these plant or animal derivatives are often less regulated, with fewer studies, it can be hard to know if they are truly safe. Another common misunderstanding that consumers have about natural beauty products is that they are under the impression it also means clean. The two are not synonymous since an ingredient might be "natural" but unsustainable and harmful to the environment or wildlife that it's sourced from.

While some clean beauty can also be natural, they don't have to be. This is why those who make an effort to be more aware of what they are putting on their bodies have to do a lot of research themselves. By understanding ingredient labels and what to look out for, you can start to narrow in on your trusted brands. Plus, if you are learning how to build a skincare routine for sensitive skin, you'll find that clean beauty is at the core. It's also helpful to learn how different retailers use the term "clean."

According to Sephora, the products under the "clean beauty" label at their stores have a specific list of unwanted ingredients that shoppers know will be excluded, including lead, hydroquinone, parabens, and phthalates just to name a few. They even have a section on their website explaining their standards for "clean fragrance," since that is often a concern for buyers.

Clean beauty is the bare minimum for so many

When it comes to the skincare and makeup products that you are putting on your body daily, there's a reason clean beauty is so sought after. Limiting your skin's exposure to ingredients that can irritate your skin allows your beauty routine to feel more purposeful. The New York Times does touch on the issues of such a vague term, with skincare influencer Caroline Hirons explaining that "if you ask 10 different people what clean beauty means, you'll get 10 different answers." However, this has really allowed individual brands to market themselves and explain to consumers exactly where they land.

Not only can avoiding harmful ingredients help to keep your hormones regulated but it may help to prevent certain cancers or other serious health concerns. Since "clean beauty" basically means non-toxic, it not only considers what ingredients would irritate your skin but what they could do to your body once absorbed into your bloodstream. 

Suzanne LeRoux, the founder of the clean beauty brand One Love Organics also explained to CNN that those with sensitive skin should avoid skincare ingredients with "harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, color, and plasticizers" which are common additives to skincare and beauty products. Clean beauty can reduce the risk of skin irritation or breakouts. Plus, it's also a great way to protect your body from chemicals that can dry out your skin and cause redness. Since clean beauty has the potential to be much better for your overall health, it's become a non-negotiable for so many.