Everything We Know About Brian And Mika Kleinschmidt's Daughter, Jade

HGTV home design guru Mika Kleinschmidt may be committed to making people's dream homes into a reality, but she is also a doting mother to her only daughter, Jade. The young girl has made several appearances on "100 Day Dream Home" alongside her mother and stepfather, Brian Kleinschmidt, lending her own opinions to the intricate renovation process. She even tried her hand at designing during an April 2022 episode where she carefully created Disney-inspired rooms for her parents' clients.

Kleinschmidt often shares photos of her beautiful daughter on social media. Most recently, she posted a video collage on Instagram for Mother's Day, where she paid homage to herself and the many other strong women in her life. Jade is seen throughout the clip at different ages smiling alongside her mom and other relatives. 

The vibrant teen is quickly building a fanbase of her own on and off television screens. And now, folks are eager to know even more about Jade.

Jade is Mika Kleinschmidt's daughter from a previous relationship

Though the father-daughter bond seen between Brian Kleinschmidt and Jade is undeniable, many would never guess that Brian is not her biological father. Her mother, HGTV star Mika Kleinschmidt, welcomed her in 2009 with a former partner. However, Mika and Brian's romance began in high school when they met in the 11th grade. After splitting from his wife Ericka Dunlap in 2011, Mika and Brian reconnected while Jade was just a toddler. He quickly fell into his role as a bonus dad and has been in their lives ever since.

In a sweet birthday Instagram post to Jade, Brian called her his "forever little princess." The post was a heartwarming throwback photo of Jade and Mika both dressed in princess garb for a previous celebration when Jade was younger. Now 14, Brian continues to gloat over his stepdaughter both on social media and on screen, welcoming her input on "100 Day Dream Home."

Jade is a thriving student-athlete

Jade may be seen on HGTV's "100 Day Dream Home" building her resume early as a home renovator, but she is also excelling as an athlete. She has joined a rowing team and even competes in races. In October 2022, her mother Mika Kleinschmidt shared an IG video of her daughter putting in work on the water.

"So proud of Jade for sticking with this sport and becoming a leader on her team," Mika wrote in the caption. She went on to reveal that Jade has had multiple competitions, with the sport of rowing teaching her discipline and how to be a team player. Mika herself is also involved in rowing, sharing images of herself on the water with fellow rowers.

Though Mika does allow Jade to participate in the home design fun, she has done an exceptional job of protecting her daughter's personal life. The identity of her biological father has not been made public, nor does Mika tag any social media pages associated with her daughter. Nevertheless, the glimpses that fans get of Jade have been enough to make her a favorite in the series.