What Regina George's Little Sister From Mean Girls Looks Like Now

Kylie George may have only had a couple short scenes in Mean Girls, but she made her mark. The little sister to queen bee Regina is first shown emulating Kelis's dance moves in the music video for her hit song "Milkshake" when Cady enters the palatial George home, and is later glimpsed playing along with a Girls Gone Wild episode by lifting up her shirt. These moments are emblematic of the movie's often very adult sense of humor (the MPAA originally wanted to slap it with an 'R' rating, and several jokes had to be toned down in order to achieve that all-important PG-13). 

There was a sense that Kylie was about to follow in Regina's footsteps in a big way, or that she may turn out even worse. While we don't know the fate of her character, that's certainly not the case for Canadian Nicole Crimi who played the role. Rather than getting into trouble or growing up too fast, Crimi focused on schooling, charity work, and seeing the world. Naturally, Crimi is also still a Mean Girls super-fan at heart. And she grew up to be, like, really pretty, too.

She stepped back from acting

Crimi took a major step back from acting not long after her most talked-about role in the 2004 fan favorite. In fact, she only has eight credits total to her name. Crimi hasn't even appeared in anything since 2006, according to her IMDb page, with her last credit to date as "Young Granny" in animated kids' show Jojo's Circus. It seems that Mean Girls didn't give her the acting bug — Crimi was more realistic in her career pursuits.

As she explained to a fan on Instagram, the Canadian decided to pursue other outlets due to a lack of available jobs on the silver screen. "There were just less opportunities and I wanted to pursue art and an education," she explained simply. This meant heading off to college to earn a proper degree (more on that later) rather than enrolling in a performance arts or theater school to further hone her craft.  

She loved hanging out with Amy Poehler

As Crimi proudly told a fan on Instagram, she's just as big of a Mean Girls loon as the rest of us. The Canadian cutie may not have had many roles since, but it's not because her Mean Girls experience turned her off acting — she only has good memories of the set. Back in 2017, she posted a sweet throwback for Mean Girls Day (October 3rd, duh). The pic showed Crimi on set as Kylie alongside onscreen mom Amy Poehler, with a hilarious reference to the movie in the caption: "you should check out her boob job, they're hard as rocks!!"

Crimi told Buzzfeed that she definitely has great memories from her time on the movie set with Poehler. "[She's] just a really funny person and I loved hanging out with her!," she admitted. The child actress also revealed that one of the funniest moments in the movie was courtesy of some dog treats hidden in her co-star's shirt, which naturally caused fits of laughter from the young starlet. 

She wasn't a part of the Mean Girls GoFundMe

Crimi celebrates Mean Girls Day every year, such as with the aforementioned throwback with Amy Poehler and another with Lindsay Lohan. Although she's clearly moved on from the movie that made her name, Crimi remains a key member of the film's family. Mainly because she's as much of a fan of the movie as the rest of us. 

Still, she wasn't part of the hilarious video made as part of the cast's fundraising efforts in support of the 2017 shooting in Las Vegas on Mean Girls Day of that same year. It kind of makes sense, as it's doubtful anybody would've recognized her as a then-21 year old. The GoFundMe thankfully met its goal and then some, with even Lohan getting in on the action. To be fair to Crimi, her big sister in the movie, Rachel McAdams, also didn't feature, nor did their onscreen mother, Poehler. Maybe the George women simply opted out?

She's a talented artist

Having left the acting world behind, Crimi's true creative side came out elsewhere. As it turns out, she just so happens to be a hugely talented artist. The young Canadian has a separate Instagram account dedicated to her work, @nicolecrimiart, where she posts stunning shots of her pieces. Crimi also does commissions, explaining in her bio: "I paint what I can't say with words... & draw everything else." 

She's talented across a wide spectrum in her chosen craft, too -— she's just as good at creating artwork with colored pencils as she is doing offbeat self portraits, and sweet oil paintings. Funnily enough, Crimi's work rather closely resembles that of Regina George's nemesis, Janice Ian, particularly in one painting of her and her two sisters, which she revealed took actual years to complete (she took a massive break from the project before it was finished). Still, the Canadian clearly has a style all her own, even making Alvin and the Chipmunks and a Minion seem gallery-worthy thanks to her impressive skill-set.

She's charitably minded

Not content with creating artwork purely to brighten up people's homes, Crimi dedicates her skills to a good cause, too. In 2018, she worked with Los Angeles-based animal rights charity Stop Poaching Now to create some beautiful work to help raise money for their organization. 

The stunning elephant painting she devoted months of her time to was then auctioned off. She told BuzzFeed, "I create art to express what I cannot say in words. These elephants don't have their own voice to speak up against the wrong that is being done to them, therefore, I see it as our responsibility to take the initiative to protect them from extinction," she said.

Crimi's decision to be Team Elephant was very personal, having come following a trip to Thailand where she met elephants and fell head over heels for them. "It broke my heart to learn that 100 elephants are poached EVERY DAY because elephants play such an important role in the ecosystem and are so innocent and friendly," she passionately explained.

Her favorite movie character isn't from Mean Girls

As much as she obsesses over Mean Girls, Crimi made a shocking revelation on her Instagram account when she shared that her all-time favorite movie character isn't even from the film! Step aside Cady Heron, Janice Ian, and even her onscreen sister Regina George because, as far as Crimi is concerned, there's only one queen of the silver screen: Elle Woods.

The talented young artist shared a shot of a drawing she'd done of Legally Blonde star Elle Woods, describing it as a "freehand prismacolour sketch" and noting that the boss lady played by Reese Witherspoon in two, soon to be three, films, is "my favourite movie character." What would Mrs. George think!? Crimi also advised that she'd rather draw something for her college dorm than waste money purchasing posters, meaning she had a business mind before she even began properly selling her own artwork. Now that's something Elle would be proud of. 

She stayed in school

Aside from art, Crimi's other passion in life is science. As noted by BuzzFeed (and her own Instagram page), she completed an undergraduate degree in a science-related field at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, graduating in 2018. Reflecting on her four years of college, Crimi wrote about how grateful she was on Instagram, noting how she was, "Looking forward to what is to come and the opportunity to put everything I learned here (in and out of the classroom!) to good use." Crimi described getting her degree as an "amazing" experience, crediting her success to the support of family and friends who stood by her throughout.

The impressively studious young lady also told Buzzfeed, during a catch-up for Mean Girls Day the year before she finished up, that she has even higher aspirations beyond her first degree. "I'm currently studying science and working as a student researcher. I have aspirations of going to medical school," she told the site back in 2017.

She travels the world

Crimi's personal Instagram account is loaded with stunning shots from her travels to exotic locales all over the world. Aside from falling in love with elephants in Thailand, she scaled the heights in Zion National Park, Utah, swam with pigs in the Bahamas, kissed a camel in Dubai, and chased stingrays in the Maldives. Most Instagram pages with this many vacation snaps would make even the least jealous social media surfer green with envy. However, rather than making it all about her, posing for likes or thirsting after lucrative sponsorship deals, Crimi injects each post with biting, self-aware wit.

In one particularly stunning shot of her strolling along the beach, Crimi's caption refers to the fact the place was, unbeknownst to her, crawling "with barracudas and sand sharks #mybad." Her Instagram is a refreshing change from the usual social media posturing. It's evident Crimi possesses an old soul, and is completely in control of her own image. She may have starred in one of the most iconic teen movies ever, but this young lady isn't a slave to the celebrity machine.

She's got some high status man candy

Although Canadian not-really-a-celebrity Crimi is a mostly private person, peppering her Instagram with shots of friends, family and, of course, her artwork, she does like to share pics of her sweet boyfriend. The two have been seeing each other for years, and Crimi frequently shares shots of them looking super happy and cute together.

In spite of claiming Elle Woods is her favorite movie character, Crimi chose to dress up as Sandy from Grease for Halloween, alongside her man as Danny. The two also took on Trump and Hillary, in a shot she described as the ultimate "power couple." Elsewhere, Crimi and her gorgeous boyfriend enjoy tropical vacations together, and celebrate their anniversary in a very sweet manner each year. In keeping with her reliably pithy Instagram captions, Crimi wrote in January 2018 that the past two years with her man had been "LIT" against a shot of the two of them bathed in the glow of a thousand lamps. Ah, young love.

She's, like, really pretty

Echoing what her onscreen sister tells Cady the first time she eats lunch with The Plastics, Crimi grew up to be really pretty. Whether she's smiling sweetly, chilling in the pool on a vacay with her buddy, or getting all dressed up to go out, the kid is working it harder than Kylie George trying to get a spot in Kelis's next video. 

Even a cursory glance at Crimi's personal Instagram shows that Regina's little sis has blossomed into a smart, sophisticated young woman. With a college degree under her belt, an artistic talent worth celebrating, and a healthy relationship with her longtime boyfriend, she has a beautiful life for which she appears to be hugely grateful.

As for where the character Kylie might be at this stage in her life, Crimi revealed in a chat with BuzzFeed back in 2015 that she reckons she'd be a lot like Regina George these days, "just with a lot more booty-shaking." So there you have it.