How GH's Tabyana Ali And Nicholas Chavez Made 'Sprina's' Famous First Kiss Happen

Tabyana Ali and Nicholas Chavez have been enjoying the limelight as the latest soap opera super couple, Trina Robinson and Spencer Cassadine, on "General Hospital." While the two are sometimes upstaged by their pint-sized co-stars, the Clay brothers, who portray Spencer's baby brother, Ace, the couple is still beloved. Often hailed as the new Luke and Laura, their names have been lovingly squished by the fans into one word: Sprina. 

The two had a rocky start because, when they first met at the Jerome Art Gallery, Spencer lied about who he really was. Later, Trina wasn't happy to learn that he had a girlfriend, Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) who subsequently framed her for a crime. Spencer again lied that he thought Trina was guilty, all the while secretly trying to prove her innocence. After Trina was exonerated, she felt they couldn't be friends because of trust issues. But as things started to get better between them, Trina's world was rocked when she learned that her father, Marcus Taggert (Réal Andrews), might not be her biological father. As she reeled from the news, Spencer was there for her, and the two finally kissed.

Chavez and Ali recently ruminated on how that first kiss came to be.

Their rehearsal was about more than the kiss

Nicholas Chavez and Tabyana Ali talked with Soap Opera Digest to discuss their "General Hospital" characters and touched upon Spencer and Trina's first kiss, which they'd rehearsed outside of the studio. Chavez explained that the need to rehearse was not centered around the two kissing, but rather how they could make the scene believable to the audience. "Because it was coming on the heels of Trina learning [that Curtis might be her biological father and Portia had kept it a secret]," he said. "I was like, "Okay, we're not going from A to B, we're going all the way from A to Z! How do we make the emotional gymnastics of that work?"

Specifically, he wanted to map out the moment-to-moment path of the scene, explaining, "The emotional beats were most important, and I just sort of trusted that whatever physical intimacy resulted from that would be the natural response from all the work we'd done prior to it." 

Ali was happy that Chavez suggested that method of analyzing the scene, finding it helpful to bridge the emotion from Trina learning her mother's secret to her and Spencer's kiss. "It was a question of, 'How do we swing from the moment that Trina was just in with Portia to this moment where we're being intimate, and not make it seem like we're being intimate because of what just happened with her parents?'" she explained. "We wanted to make it more like, 'We're in this together and we're sharing this moment. We're healing together.'"