How Many Kids Does Nicole Kidman Have?

She's known for turning in Oscar-winning performances on the big screen and Emmy-winning performances on the small screen, but Nicole Kidman's favorite role isn't in front of a camera — it's being a mom. "I love mothering," she revealed to Marie Claire. "I love kids: they're quirky, funny, and unfiltered."

The Australia native has even used her experiences in motherhood as inspiration for some of her roles. "It's such a driving force in my life," she explained to E! Insider. "The maternal force of who I am is so strong, it taps into everything that I feel and I'm able to sort of put it into the work." 

While the "Big Little Lies" star has declared she would have loved to have "10 kids," as it stands, Kidman's numbers round out at two for two — she's had two husbands, and she shares two children with each of them, bringing her total number of kids to four.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise share two adopted kids

While still a relatively unknown actor in the U.S., Nicole Kidman joined Tom Cruise in the movie "Days of Thunder," and the two married in 1990. Kidman soon became pregnant but lost her first child due to an ectopic pregnancy. The couple then adopted daughter Isabella Jane followed by son Connor Anthony before divorcing in 2001. 

The decision to adopt was not a new idea to Kidman. "I always knew I'd adopt," she shared with Vogue. "I knew that I was going to have a child and that it didn't matter [how], I actually didn't know if I was ever going to give birth to a child."

Although there are constant rumors about the star's relationship with her adopted children, now both adults, Kidman has said they prefer to keep their lives private, and she respects that decision. She did gush about them to The Australian Women's Weekly, though, as reported by E! News. "They are generous, kind, and hardworking. And these are traits that I love to see in my children," she said.

She and Keith Urban have two children together

Nicole Kidman met fellow Australian Keith Urban not in the land down under but in Los Angeles at an event. "We just had chemistry," Kidman confessed to CBS News. "I never underestimate the power of chemistry."

The actor and the singer married in 2006, and Kidman gave birth to Sunday Rose in 2008. In 2011, Faith Margaret was born via a surrogate. "We were in a place of desperately wanting another child," she revealed to "60 Minutes Australia" (via Today) about their decision to have a biological child via gestational carrier. "I couldn't get pregnant, and we wanted another baby." Kidman has been open about her struggles with infertility — she's one of many celebrities who have faced similar experiences with infertility. "I've had a very roller coaster ride with fertility," she added.

The Kidman Urban family lives mostly in Nashville, Tennessee, though they make frequent trips to Australia and travel to accommodate Kidman's filming schedules as well as Urban's concert tours. The actor is in awe of her life as a mom, telling "60 Minutes Australia" (via Today), "To now be in this place where I have two gorgeous adopted children and two biological children, I can't believe that's what's happened in my life."