What Happened To ProntoBev After The Shark Tank Episode?

When entrepreneur Alexander Simone appeared on "Shark Tank" in 2017, his ProntoBev prototype seemed extremely promising. The founder of Pronto Concepts presented a rapidly working wine chiller that could cool beverages within about 30 seconds to the panel of investors. Though a helpful innovation for wine drinkers, the Sharks weren't completely sold on the $2 million valuation. Simone was hoping to obtain a $100,000 investment for a 5% stake, but instead, he was given an option for a $100,000 and a massive 50% stake. Once Simone revealed there were other offers on the table outside of the show, investor Mark Cuban offered the same amount with a lowered stake offer of 25% as long as Simone could secure $100,000 of his own.

Simone accepted the deal, and after season 9 wrapped, fans were eager to know when they could expect the ProntoBev to hit the market. Having secured capital on "Shark Tank," as well as an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that brought in nearly $60,000 before Simone appeared on the show, it appeared that the company was off to a great start. Unfortunately, it seems the momentum has faded away in the years since.

Digital platforms for Pronto Concepts have disappeared

In the world of social media, nearly every successful company has a digital imprint that customers can easily follow for updates and product releases. So when the Facebook and Instagram pages for Pronto Concepts disappeared, this signaled there was trouble with the company.  The Twitter account for the company has also gone un-updated since 2018.

Even more troubling, "Shark Tank" investor Mark Cuban's official website of business partners does not list Pronto Concepts. Therefore, it's safe to assume that the deal between him and owner Alexander Simone never went through. The personal Instagram page for Simone makes no mention of his company in recent years. Instead, it showcases his vacations and fitness business, Checkmark Fitness, though no updates have been made since 2021 on that business's page.

The official website for Pronto Concepts is also very vague. There is no option to order the ProntoBev. Only a brief description of the product is listed. Another invention, known as the ProntoAer, is also advertised on the site. That device is touted as a way to improve the aroma of wine. Just as with the ProntoBev, there is no link to purchase or a release date listed.

Indiegogo backers are demanding their funds back from ProntoBev

While it has not been updated in years, Alexander Simone's Indiegogo campaign is still visible. In July 2020, Pronto Concepts wrote that they needed to adjust the top of the container to create a more sturdy hold. Since then, there has been silence, which has not stopped past donors from demanding answers.

In May 2023, one backer commented on the campaign, asking, "Is this still a thing, or did I get scammed?" Another backer wrote in March that they were forced to file a claim with their financial institution to get their donation funds back. In December 2022, one user wrote, "Any news — thought this was going to be a good thing. Obviously, someone has taken the money and ran. Bad business." Simone has never replied to any of the remarks on the public forum.

Today, it appears that Simone is working as a business consultant for entrepreneurs looking to bring their products to life. Through yet another company he founded known as Make X Now, Simone lists ProntoBev and ProntoAer as one of the products he has developed. Others include the Vision Board Kit, Chop Dish, and Over Easy Bottle.