Beauty YouTubers You've Never Heard Of But Need To Know About

There's no doubt that watching beauty tutorials on YouTube is, well, kind of addictive. There's just something so magical about watching someone completely transform their face with just a few swipes of a brush (and, of course, the setting spray). Trust us — you're not alone if you've spent a fair amount of time binge-watching all of your favorite YouTuber's tutorial videos when you should have been sleeping, or working, or doing literally anything else. Like we said — it's addictive!

There's no doubt that the YouTube beauty blogger industry is booming. Every time you turn around (or go online) it seems there's a new suggested tutorial for your viewing pleasure from a perfectly made-up face you've likely never heard of before. Luckily for you, we've rounded up some of the brightest up-and-coming YouTube beauty bloggers who are making major waves (and serving major face) in the industry today. From skincare routines, to body hair advice, to finding the perfect lip color for your skin tone — these gals and guy have just the tutorials for you.

Tashina Combs

The first name on our list might be a virtual unknown at the time of this writing, but it's only a matter of time before cruelty-free makeup expert Tashina Combs of Logical Harmony makes it big in the YouTube beauty blogger market.

It's hard to believe Combs has ever been anything but a beauty blogger, especially after spending an afternoon binging on her totally entertaining and informative instructional videos. However, before this gal was teaching us where to get the best cruelty-free mascara and how to properly apply foundation to dry skin, Combs was a customer educator and success manager at Get Satisfaction — a company which helps brands to better connect with their targeted audience.

Perhaps that's why Combs is able to so effortlessly connect with her nearly 30,000 YouTube subscribers. After all, she's been doing it for a while — and she genuinely loves to help. In a 2014 interview with Service Rocket, Combs was asked to describe her favorite part about being a Customer Success Manager. "Being able to help and educate people is my favorite part of my role," the future beauty blogger replied.

Laurina Machite

To have only been in the Youtube beauty blogger game for a year at the time of this writing, having a subscriber count upward of 3,000 is quite an impressive accomplishment — and all congratulations should be directed to Laurina Machite, the South African YouTuber who is no doubt on her way to internet stardom. Not only does this gal know how to build a loyal following in a year's time, her talents encompass way more than makeup appreciation and application. One look at Machite's channel and you'll see for yourself her impressive lineup of videos that cover topics from caring for natural hair to making your own coffee-based face mask concoction.

You'll want to watch Machite's videos because of her expertise, of course — but you'll stick around thanks to her charming, humor-infused style of presentation. A skincare lesson from Machite feels a lot like a skincare lesson from your BFF — and that's something we can totally get behind.

Kelly Gooch

This beauty YouTuber certainly has one of the most memorable names we've ever heard — which is fitting for a gal who knows just how to make herself stand out from the crowd with just a brush and a makeup palette.

Kelly Gooch arrived on the YouTube scene in 2016 with a "Pinterest-esque" braid tutorial that, at the time of this writing, has nearly 700 views. Since that video, however, Gooch has managed to garner over 150,000 views on one of her tutorial videos ("Petite Styling Tips"), with nearly all of her videos raking in more than 3,000 views each, which is an undoubtedly impressive feat. With her subscriber count growing in number by the day, it may not come as a surprise that Gooch is no stranger to the spotlight. Before she started rolling out her signature eyeshadow tutorial videos, Gooch was a beauty queen in her home state of Michigan — three times over! Who better to give you hot beauty tips than a beauty queen herself?

Jenna Catherine

If you're a person who's been paying any amount of attention to current beauty trends, you've likely noticed the industry's effort to embrace more all-natural, organic, and cruelty-free products. However, this concept is far from new — just ask Jenna Catherine of Natural Beautiful Life. According to the beauty blogger's own website, Jenna has been a major player in the all-natural, green beauty movement for over ten years.

Jenna posted her first YouTube video — a review of natural and eco-friendly products — in August 2014, and she hasn't slowed down since. The blonde beauty blogger leaves no stone unturned, from Henna hair dye, to low-toxin lip colors, to even being totally honest and open with viewers about her personal health and weight loss journey. Jenna is definitely a natural beauty expert, and watching her documented transformation from a brand spankin' new YouTuber to the up-and-coming beauty blogger star she is today is as inspiring as it is informative.

C's Beauty Blog

If you think being a YouTube beauty blogger is a job just for girls — well, you'd be wrong. Just take a look at the men who have carved out a place for themselves amongs some of the most celebrated YouTubers — James Charles (the first male Covergirl ambassador), Manny MUA, and Jeffree Star are just a few of the famous fellows. And CJ from C's Beauty Blog is well on his way to that growing list, as well.

CJ started his YouTube beauty blogger journey in 2016 when he posted a video dedicated to the differences in Korean and American skincare. Since then, he's made a name for himself by educating his viewers on what exactly they're putting on their skin — and how to do it the right way. While other beauty bloggers place their focus largely on makeup, CJ likes to explore new and better ways to take care of the face underneath it all. From chemical peels to debunking common product myths, C's Beauty Blog has your face covered.

Audrey Victoria

Makeup is fun, sure — but do you ever think about ways you could improve your feminine hygiene, only to find yourself too scared to ask? Or maybe you have questions about managing body hair, or plumping your lips naturally, or even shaving your face. If these topics pique your interest, then YouTube beauty blogger Audrey Victoria is about to become your new best friend.

While other YouTubers seem to show mostly the more glamorous aspects of self-care and makeup application, Audrey Victoria isn't scared to dive head-first into topics others might deem a bit uncomfortable. The beauty blogger's raw honesty about acne, body hair, and hygiene is incredibly refreshing and makes her channel a safe-haven full of non-judgmental tips and tutorials. While Audrey Victoria's expertise also branches into the realms of college advice, moving tips, and healthy diets, this YouTuber's willingness to be vulnerable and open with her fans is what truly sets her apart.

Kaya Empire

Not many people realize that perfecting a skincare routine is all about science. Just think about the sheer number of times you've looked at the back of your skincare product containers and been met with miles-long, scary sounding words that you've never heard of in your life — and definitely can't pronounce. You should know what you're dealing with before you slather it all over your face — and that's where Kaya Empire comes in.

Empire (who joined the YouTube community of beauty bloggers in June 2015 with "Simple Summertime Glam" makeup tutorial) describes her beauty blogger brand as "chemistry-based skincare from a chemical engineering student," and says she loves a "solid skincare routine." From tips on fighting body acne, to breaking down how to read and understand product ingredients, to explaining the possible reasons behind your pesky breakouts, Empire's videos are informative, entertaining, and backed by science. What more could you ask for?

The Fancy Face

Representation is vastly important in all forms of media and entertainment — and the beauty blogger industry is no different. That's why Tina from The Fancy Face is such a breath of fresh air. Not only has the beauty blogger been churning out a wealth of mega-informative videos since 2010 when she started her journey by posting a tutorial breaking down everything you need to know to get your best brows — Tina's videos are incredibly helpful to women of color who may be struggling to find their perfect-match foundation, care for their hair, or nail the proper skincare routine.

Tina's videos range from showcasing her hauls from various popular beauty brands, to letting her husband do her makeup (gasp!), to teaching us all how to finally nail the perfect smokey-eye. With over 85,000 subscribers to her channel at the time of this writing, Tina is definitely making a name for herself amongs the top-ranking beauty bloggers. Hop on the Fancy Face train now and watch this gal's career go boom!

Robin's Cup of Tea

Raise your hand if you don't feel inspired to go out and buy all the products advertised by your favorite YouTuber after binge watching all of their tutorial videos so you, too, can look like you just stepped out of a magazine. Yeah, that's what we thought.

However, if you have any semblance of a budget, going on a Sephora shopping spree isn't always practical. Sometimes you just have to rely on your tried and true drugstore products — but will you be able to achieve the same bombshell looks with $10 mascara? Robin, from Robin's Cup of Tea, says yes — and she's kind of the expert on the matter. Robin has been uploading tutorial videos since 2015, and a majority of them focus on affordable products, where to get them, and how to use them to the best of your (and their) ability. This beauty blogger even has a whole playlist on her channel dedicated to "Cheap Thrills," aka makeup you won't have to spend an arm and a leg for. Not all heroes wear capes — some wear drugstore foundation.