The Trendiest Top To Style With Your Maxi Skirts For Summer 2023

With the weather heating up, we're ensuring that we have all the right summer essentials. Books that are a must for your beach vacation reading list? Check. Our favorite tinted moisturizers that last in the summer heat? Got it. Yet, when it comes to style this summer, we're still trying to nail down the perfect wardrobe.

Short skirts, strappy sandals, and skimpy clothes are typically associated with hot weather, but this year we're swapping flip flops for cowboy boots and mini skirts for maxis. Even if it's not simply a trend and is an indication that the recession-era Hemline Index is actually a real thing, we're loving longer skirts for the summertime.

Whether you're going for a modern bohemian vibe or living out your frontier fantasies, the maxi skirt can fit practically any and every aesthetic. While we love them, figuring out how exactly to style them can be a hassle. What's the best way to wear maxi skirts for summer?

Pair your maxi skirt with a mini top

During the fall and spring, we saw people match their maxi skirts with cozy sweaters, cropped cardigans, and oversized T-shirts. Layering combos always look great when it's cooler outside, but the extra fabric doesn't translate well to the dry heat or suffocating humidity of summer. When wearing maxi skirts during the summer, always go for a sleeveless top.

A good rule of thumb when trying to determine what to wear is to show off one body part at a time. This is by no means a strict rule, but it certainly takes the guesswork out of figuring out what to wear with your maxi skirts. It creates a balance with what you're wearing – with a flowing maxi skirt on the bottom, a fitted sleeveless top prevents you from looking too frumpy.

From there, you can figure out what kind of sleeveless top to pair with it. While a simple, fitted tank looks good with a colorful maxi skirt, you can wear a sleeveless, slightly baggy cropped top too.

How to dress up maxi skirts for summer

As versatile as maxi skirts can be, they sometimes run the risk of being too casual for every event. Choosing different fabrics for your skirts can help them to look more chic. Instead of going for the typical jersey material that many maxi skirts are made from, wear a long satin slip skirt instead.

For an elegant touch, wear it with a one-shouldered top and kitten heels or ballet flats. Although it's a simple pairing, it's great for summer evening outings and always makes you look well put together. If you want to make more of a statement, pair your long satin slip with a ruffled off-the-shoulder top and bright espadrilles or mules.

Accessorize with dainty jewelry and one statement piece, like a chunky ring or large hoop earrings. If you've gone for a plain-colored top, you'll want understated, yet striking items that pair well with the dramatic length of the skirt without taking too much attention from the center of the outfit.