Medusa Bangs Are A Trendy, Low-Maintenance Way To Soften Your Look

Deciding to go for bangs is a commitment. No matter how great they look on celebrities, you're the one who's going to have to live with them once you make the choice. If they're too long, they tend to get in your eyes, and if they're too short, you'll never be able to tie them up in a ponytail with the rest of your tresses when you feel like keeping your hair off your face.

Despite these struggles, fringes have always been popular, probably because there's no better way to elevate a hairdo or add some youthfulness to your look. Among the myriad choices out there, there is one that takes after the Greek Gorgon Medusa, a mythical creature that allegedly had snakes in place of hair. You guessed right — they're called Medusa bangs. Tom Smith, hairstylist and Evo hair creative director, said that "Medusa Bangs are a sultry style of bangs that are cut into tendrils that frame the face, sheltering the eyes and softening the appearance of the hairline" (via Byrdie).

Made popular by celebrities like Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, and Pamela Anderson, Medusa bangs are perfect for those who are thinking twice about the commitment of trimming their hair short in the front. If you already have shorter layers framing your face, this will simply be a small step up from there. It's definitely one of those striking wispy bang hairstyles you'll love. Here's what to ask for at the salon and how to style them.

Who should go for Medusa bangs?

If you've been thinking about getting bangs for a while now — but haven't had them before — or you're looking for a style that's low-maintenance and practical, Medusa bangs are perfect for you. Yes, they do frame your lashes quite a bit, but as hairstylist Tom Smith explained to Byrdie, "the lightweight density of the bang means, with the correct product choice, it can be a very tolerable way of softening your look with a long, soft bang." Plus, you can find a way to style them differently if having hair in your eyes isn't your thing. You can go for a shorter length in the middle or sweep them aside. 

If you've got fine locks and don't want to lose part of them for a fringe, Medusa bangs work well in this scenario since they are wispy. If you search #pamandersonbangs on TikTok, you'll know what we mean. The great thing about this look is that you don't need to work with a heavy curtain of hair. They're all about that see-through effect. Smith said, "It's also a great low-commitment style as the finer strands of the hair can be swept away more easily than a thick blunt bang on those occasions where you need your hair off your face."

How to get (and style) trendy Medusa bangs

Before you attempt Medusa bangs at home, you may want to do some research. While there are plenty of online DIY tutorials to achieve the look, committing to bangs (especially if it's your first time) should probably be done in a professional setting. Hairstylist Tom Smith cautioned that "your hairstylist should account for your parting or any strong growth patterns around your hairline."

Customize the look to fit your preference when you visit the salon. Overall, "the length should softly curve from shorter in the middle to longer on the edges," Smith said, noting the bangs should be "intentionally gappy" and just touch the top of your eyes (via Byrdie). Remember, though — if having hair in your eyes all the time really does bother you, ask your stylist to go shorter in the middle. You can still get the softening longer tendrils on the side. You'll walk away with a low-maintenance trendy look that's a great first choice for a fringe noob.

However, as with all kinds of fringes, Medusa bangs come with some prep work before you head out the door, especially if you want to show them off. Smith recommended dry shampoo or texturizing spray to get the job done. Ultimately Medusa bangs are all about committing to bangs without making a big and theatrical deal out of it. What's not to love?