Whatever Happened To General Hospital's Claudette?

Back in 2016 on "General Hospital," using the name C.J. Bolland, Claudette Beaulieu (Bree Williamson) acquired a position at the fashion magazine, Crimson, working for Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms). Detective Nathan West (Ryan Paevy) recognized her and wanted to know why she was in Port Charles. After encountering each other, Claudette apologized for not treating him well in the past, assuring him that she was only there for the job. Maxie was shocked to learn C.J. was not Claudette's real name, and that Nathan was her ex-husband. Claudette was French-Canadian, and Nathan had married her to prevent deportation.

Maxie and Nathan were an item, and she didn't know that Claudette had previously cheated on him when they were married. This led to Nathan drinking heavily, and when he came home and found Claudette in bed with her lover, Nathan shot the guy and passed out, only later remembering vague details. Their marriage was subsequently annulled. Claudette claimed to be sorry for betraying him and claimed her lover didn't die from the gunshot.

Nathan's sister, Nina Reeves (then Michelle Stafford), owned Crimson, and when Maxie introduced her to Claudette, the young woman explained that she'd been using a professional pseudonym to get the job so it wouldn't seem that her past relationship with Nathan was why she got hired. Nina then fired her on the spot, but Maxie talked her out of it so they could figure out Claudette's agenda. Meanwhile, Claudette wouldn't tell Nathan whom he had shot.

Claudette was hiding a big secret

Although Claudette claimed to be happy for Nathan and Maxie, she wasn't thrilled to see them together. Later, she secretly vowed to get rid of Maxie. In turn, Maxie tried to get Claudette fired by framing her for putting a virus on their work computers. Nina was angry when Claudette figured out that it actually came from Maxie's PC, but by that time Claudette had quit, claiming to have secured another job outside of Port Charles. 

Nathan told Claudette he was dedicated to Maxie and even ended up driving her to the airport. When his car stalled out on the way, Claudette tried to win his sympathies by pretending she'd hurt her knee, but Nathan didn't fall for it and brought her to General Hospital. There, it turned out that Dr. Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) — who was taking a break from being a priest — was the lover that Nathan had previously shot. 

Claudette was shocked to see him. Griffin felt guilty for breaking his vows and having an affair with her, especially because she was married at the time. Claudette claimed she never loved Nathan and was still in love with Griffin, but he felt she was a liar who used people for her own gain. Nathan was later shocked to learn that Griffin was the man he'd shot. Griffin then tried to uncover Claudette's agenda, but she wouldn't open up to him.

Claudette eventually disappeared

Claudette subsequently told Nathan that she had a relationship with a powerful man who had threatened her and her daughter, Charlotte Cassadine (originally Scarlett Fernandez, then Amelie McLain). She broke the news that Nathan was the little girl's father and clarified that she didn't discover she was pregnant until after they were already divorced. Claudette didn't think she could raise the child alone, so Charlotte was living with someone trustworthy. Charlotte informed Nathan that she'd been in hiding, hence the pseudonym, and came to Port Charles to plead for his help. 

Maxie insisted on a paternity test, and the results came back stating that Nathan was the dad. Eventually, Claudette reluctantly informed him that Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) was the dangerous man, and was really Charlotte's father. In a bizarre plot twist, Valentin's mother, Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers), took a frozen embryo from Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) and hired a woman to get a sperm sample from Valentin. She then had the fertilized embryo implanted in Claudette who became the surrogate. Claudette decided to skip town but was shocked when Valentin showed up on the plane. 

In 2017, the Canadian government told Nathan and Maxie that Claudette had died by suicide, although Nathan understandably had his doubts. Griffin attacked Valentin, believing he had actually killed Claudette. Later, a woman named Cassandra Pierce (Jessica Tuck) told Valentin that a comatose Claudette was still alive and was in her clutches. Claudette has not been seen since then, and could eventually return to Port Charles.